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Recent Speaking Question in Nepal

Speaking: Part 1


  • Do you work or study?
  • What is your job?
  • Why did you choose that job?
  • Are there lots of Doctors in Patana City?
  • Do you enjoy your job?
  • Do you get on well with your co-workers?


  • Who do you usually spend the holiday with?
  • Do you prefer traveling alone or in a group?
  • Why are holidays and important to you?
  • If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Speaking: Part 2

Describe a happy event of your life.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • when it happened
  • where it happened

and explain why it was a happy event.

Speaking: Part 3


  1. Why is it important for people to save some of their money?
  2. In your view, should children be taught how to manage money?
  3. Do you think that girls are better at saving money than boys?
  4. What problems does money cause in your society?
  5. Should young people believe in saving money?


  • What types of party people have, and why are parties important?
  • Why do you think some people like parties but others hate them?
  • Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?
  • Why do people throw family parties in your country?
  • Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?

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