Speaking part 2: a small business you like

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Describe a small business you want to start.

• what business it would be

• when you want to start it

• why you have not you started it yet and explain why you want to start this business.


I am really lucky to have this candidate task card topic as it is something I would be able to talk about from my heart. I am 32 and a doting father of a 4 years old daughter. Both I and my wife work and I have been planning for a while to quit my day time job and start a small business. I personally thank you for letting me talk about it.

The small business that I have in my mind is establishing a cyber cafe in our area. The cyber cafe I have planned for would be an exclusive one and primarily target the foreign tourists who visit our area. Though there are already three cyber cafes in our locality, most tourists do not feel comfortable there as they do not have a world class environment and high-speed internet connections. My cyber cafe would have a large zone for browsing the internet, a small cafeteria, a book selling point and definitely a very classy environment. If I can make my cyber cafe popular, I would then plan to expand it in other tourists spots in my city. Frankly speaking, I and my wife want to start it right now! However, from a practical point of view, it would take us another year to start it. The budget we would need to manage to launch this cyber cafe is yet to be managed and we want to start it from the savings we have without taking a loan from a bank or family members. Moreover, we would need to resign from our current jobs and then arrange a suitable location and a great interior designer for our cafe. We will also need to hire 7-8 staff members to run this business. These all seems time-consuming to me and up until last January, we were not absolutely convinced that the time has come for us to start something of our own. Probably this is the main reason we are yet to start it.

Why do we want to start it? Well, I am not satisfied with my current job. Though I get a steady amount of money per month from my job, I have little time to spend with my family, take vacations and enjoy things I fee passionate about. The office consumes more than 50 hours weekly and most of my energy and this is why I often feel stressed out. I can not take vacations and manage time to visit my relatives. ‘Freedom’ – I guess is the reason I would like to start this business. I also want to stay close to my family and work as a free-lance journalist for a local daily newspaper. I have got only one life and I want to enjoy it and explore more possibilities.

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