Answers for “Greying Population Stays in the pink” with explanation

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Question 14-22:-
14. B – falling

15. I – increasing
(para 2, last 4 lines: ―circulation problems – the major medical complaints in this age
group — are troubling a smaller proportion every year. And the data confirms that the
rate at which these diseases are declining continues to accelerate. Other diseases of old
age — dementia, stroke, arteriosclerosis and emphysema – are also troubling fewer and
fewer people‖)

16. F – later (para 3, last 2 lines: ―doctors accepted as normal in a 65-year-old in 1982 are
often not appearing until people ‘- are 70 or 75‖)

17. M – medicine

18. J – nutrition
(para 4, first 2 lines: ―Clearly, certain diseases are beating a retreat in the face of medical
advances. But there may be other contributing factors. Improvements in childhood
nutrition in the first quarter of‖)

19. N – pollution (para 5, lines 2-3: ―some illnesses. An increase in some cancers and
bronchitis may reflect changing smoking habits and poorer air quality, say the

20. K – education (para 6, first 2 lines: ―One interesting correlation Manton uncovered is that
better-educated people are likely to live longer.‖)

21. G – disabled
22. A – cost
(para 7, line 6-8: ―researchers calculate there would be an additional one million disabled
elderly people in ” . today’s population. According to Manton, slowing the trend has
saved the United States government’s Medicare system more than $200 billion,
suggesting that the greying of‖)

Question 23-26:-
23. G (para 8, first 2 lines: ―The increasing self-reliance of many elderly people is probably
linked to a massive increase in the use of simple home medical aids.‖)

24. E (para 9, the first line: ―Maintaining a level of daily physical activity may help mental
functioning, says Carl Cotman‖)

25. H (para 10, line 3-4: ―people over 70. In laboratory simulations of challenging activities
such as driving, those who felt in control of their lives pumped out lower levels of stress
hormones such as cortisol.‖)

26. C (para 11, first 2 lines: ―But independence can have drawbacks. Seeman found that
elderly people who felt emotionally isolated maintained higher levels of stress hormones
even when asleep.‖)

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