Answer for “Crop-growing Skyscrapers” with explanations

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Answer Keywords Locations Explanation
1. tomatoes already grown indoors p2, L3 The concept of indoor farming is not new, since hothouse production of tomatoes and other produce has been in vogue for some time”. This means that tomatoes, along with other produce, have been produced in heated houses (indoors) for a long period of time. = already = not new = in vogue for some time “grown indoors = hothouse production”
2 urban centres/centers Vertical farm p2, L16 “One such proposal is for the “Vertical Farm”. The concept is of multi-storey buildings in which food crops are grown in environmentally controlled conditions. Situated in the heart of urban centres,” Located= situated, so the answer is….. urban centres
3 energy methane P4, L17 “Methane” keyword is found in paragraph 4. It says “Although the system would consume energy, it would return energy to the grid via methane generation from composting non-edible parts of plants” so the answer is ……………: energy
4 fossil fuel vehicles ( look for synonym),consumption, cut P4, L20 “It would also dramatically reduce fossil fuel use, by cutting out the need for tractors, ploughs and shipping” Vehicles = tractors, consumption = use Cut = reduce So the answer is ………….. fossil fuels
5 artificial light, disadvantage P5, L3 “A major drawback of vertical farming, however, is that the plants would require artificial light” need = require Disadvantage = drawback
6 (stacked) trays One form, planting, not fixed. P6, L3 “One variation on vertical farming that has been developed is to grow plants in stacked trays that move on rails” One form = One variation (synonym keywords not exact keywords)
7 (urban) rooftops grown on, towns and cities P7, L14 “Most experts currently believe it is far more likely that we will simply use the space available on urban rooftops” towns and cities = urban
8 NOT GIVEN recently changed P1, L1-12 Not mention any methods of predicting the earth’s population
9 TRUE Methods for predicting P1, L15-17 Some 15% of that has been laid waste (destruction) by poor management practices (human)
10 FALSE. depend, seasons, produced P4, L3-6 “sustainable production of a safe and varied food supply (through year-round production of all crops).’’ That means it never depend on season, it grows year round- all the year. Depend on season = through year round. So information contradict.
11 TRUE climate change P4, L6-8 There would be no weather-related (climate change) crop failures (damage) due to droughts, floods or pests. This line means some corps damage by climate condition like – drought, flood etc. Or, (P3, L19-23) Massive floods, long droughts, hurricanes and severe monsoons (Climate Change) take their toll each year, destroying (damage) millions of tons of valuable crops.
12 FALSE. fertilizers P4, L9-11 All the food could be grown organically, eliminating the need for herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. The statement provides contradictory idea.
13 TRUE infectious diseases P4, L12-15 The system would greatly reduce (less likely) the incidence (affected) of many infectious diseases that are acquired at the agricultural interface.

Answer for “Crop-growing Skyscrapers” with explanations

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