Top Strategies for IELTS Speaking

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Strategy 1: Be Interesting
When there is a human sitting in front of you to score your speaking test, won’t it be better if your small talks are more interesting to listen, compared to other candidates?

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Strategy 2: Describe & Give Details
Learn the technique of elaborating your answer by using a story telling technique combined with 5 W + 1 H formula.

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Strategy 3: Structuring Your Tests
Poor at arranging your ideas logically? No worries, these three step master steps will make you perfect, be it part 1, 2, or 3.

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Strategy 4: Avoiding Mistakes
Let’s discuss the common mistakes in IELTS speaking. If you are studying for the test, try to avoid these mistakes to help yourself get a higher score!

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Strategy 5: Asking for Clarification
During the Speaking test you may need to clarify a word or question either because you did not hear the examiner or because you did not understand a word or a phrase. 

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Strategy 6: Answering Tricky Questions
Do you need some extra time to think when examiners surprise you with a new topic or question? This article is going to get you covered.

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Strategy 7: Presentation Skills
How will you structure your answer when examiners ask you: Do you prefer x over y? They want to assess your language structure. Let’s learn the question types in speaking and their presentation skills

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