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400 Essential Words For IELTS | IELTS Vocabulary PDF

400 Essential Words For IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary

Are you not sure which IELTS vocabulary you need to do well in IELTS exam?

Here in this file, you will find all the vocabulary words you need for practice and other important vocabulary words. Flexible use of a wide range of vocabulary is important for IELTS as the examiner will seek it out in writing and speaking.

Your reading also requires that you understand the texts, as they will contain many difficult words. A good IELTS vocabulary is especially important for those who want to get your Desire Band score 7 or higher.The list consists of 400 word families, and the words were chosen due to the fact that they are often found in many academic texts.

Improve your IELTS Band score by learning keywords for your IELTS tests in writing, speaking, reading and listening.

IELTS Vocabulary: 400 Essential IELTS Words – This PDF file contains nearly 400 words to help you get the score you need on your IELTS test. These words have been carefully selected from the cobuild corpus of English to cover features and topics that are common on the IELTS test.

We agree that a rich vocabulary is necessary to successfully pass the IELTS speaking test, but how many words a person can learn at a time, right? This PDF file is geared towards students as it contains 400 words that are required to successfully pass IELTS. It covers the entire vocabulary of the modules for the IELTS exam.

How can I quickly improve my IELTS score?

One way to impress an examiner on an IELTS exam is to use an impressive vocabulary. When you can use synonyms and “new vocabulary words” (so as not to repeat yourself), you will definitely improve your vocabulary. This is one of the categories (called “lexical resource and grammatical range”) that the examiner uses to take notes about your progress.

Again, in the speaking module, the use of lexical resources or vocabulary is one of the criteria by which the IELTS examiner will give you the final grade according to them. To get a high score on this criterion, you need to know a variety of terms on the topic of discussion.

Vocabulary is the essence of any language. Both life for people and vocabulary for language. Vocabulary accounts for 25% of grades in IELTS Writing and Speaking and also plays a vital role in listening and reading tests. Poor vocabulary forces you to repeat words in a passage and miss words while talking to the examiner. Since IELTS is a test of English proficiency, good vocabulary homework will help improve your overall score.


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