Adverbs in Task 2

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Adverbs are words which modify or give extra information about verbs, adjectives, other words or whole clauses. We use adverbs in IELTS to modify or give extra information about verbs, adjectives, other words or whole clauses.

If you want to make your IELTS Writing/Speaking Tasks look more academic and professional then you should start to use various adverbs and expressions to introduce ideas in your sentences. They add meaning and accuracy to what you say (and as a result of this, they make what you say more interesting.) Using adverbs at the beginning of a sentence can express a lot of meaning in one word and it is good cohesion (language that has linkages of meaning) because it helps the listener (or reader) to follow what you are going to say next.

Probably the major factor here is the reduction in government subsidy for University courses.
A second remedy might be for the Universities to offer shorter courses, or more courses with an element of professionally paid work experience included.
I thought his answers were pretty good on the whole.The French team did really well in the first round.

A key use of adverbs is to add information about the time, manner or place of an action or state described in a sentence:-

He hit the ball hard and this time it flew into the back of the net.  Note that we can use noun phrases (this time) and prepositional phrases (into the back of the net) as adverbs.

We can use adverbs with as, so, too, enough, etc.:

She performed so enthusiastically that the judges overlooked her inexperience. We missed the bargains because we didn’t get there soon enough.

We can use adverbs in comparatives and superlatives, usually with more and most.

In the lottery draw red balls seem to come up more frequently than yellow ones.

Adverbs of indefinite frequency:-

alwayshardly everoccasionallyseldom

Adverbs of degree:-


Adverbs of certainty:-


One-word adverbs of time:-

alreadyimmediatelythenno longer

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