Answer for “An introduction to film sound” with explanations

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Answers Keywords Location Explanation
14. B P1, L 1-4 Though  we  might  think  of  film  as  an  essentially  visual experience, we really cannot afford to underestimate the importance of film sound.
  • underestimate=overlook
15. A Humphrey Bogart, exemplify P2, L4-10 Often with film characterization, the audience perceives little or no difference between the character and the actor. Thus, for example, the actor Humphrey Bogart is the character Sam Spade; film personality and life personality seem to merge.”
  • merge = become one

Humphrey Bogart is mentioned to exemplify the significance of the actor and the character appears to have similar personalities.

16. B P3, L6-12 It  is  interesting  to  note  that  how  dialogue  is  use and the very amount of dialogue used varies widely  among  films.  For  example,  in  the  highly  successful  science-fiction  film  2001,  little  dialogue  was evident, and most of it was banal  and of little intrinsic interest.”
  •  banal =dull or boring
17. D suggest, Bringing Up Baby,  P4, L 1-8 The comedy Bringing Up Baby, on the other hand, presents practically non-stop dialogue delivered at breakneck speed. This use of dialogue underscores not only the dizzy quality of the character Katherine Hepburn, but also the absurdity of the film itself and thus its humor.”

The dialogue in the film Bringing Up Baby highlights key elements of the film.

  • key elements = the absurdity of the humor of the film


18. C click of a door, realistic sounds P5, L 6-19 Synchronous sounds contribute to the realism of film and also help to create a particular atmosphere. For example, the ‘click’ of a door being opened may simply serve to  convince  the  audience  that  the  image  portrayed  is  real,  and  the  audience  may  only  subconsciously note the expected sound. However, if the ‘click’ of an opening door is part of an ominous action such as a burglary, the sound mixer may call attention to the ‘click’ with an increase in volume; this helps to engage the audience in a moment of suspense.”

By using sound mixer realistic sounds can be modified by increasing the sound volume to make it more realistic.

19. TRUE audiences, background music P7, L 1 We are probably all familiar with background music in films, which has become so ubiquitous as to be noticeable in its absence.

background sound or music has become an essential part of films

  • ubiquitous = ever-present
20. TRUE anticipate, development In addition, background music often foreshadows a change in mood.

This means the background music can make the audience understand what changes are going to happen in a film.

  • anticipate=foreshadow
21. NOT GIVEN more effect, some people than on others       Reference to ‘background music’ and its effects in both paragraphs no. 7 and 8. But we cannot find any comparison as to whether it has more or less effect on some people.
22. TRUE audience, make certain connections   P8, L1-2 Background music may aid viewer understanding by linking scenes
  • help=aid
  • audience=viewer
  • make connections within a film = linking scenes
23. FALSE  audiences, aware, affecting P last, L 6-9 The effects of sound are often largely subtle and often are noted  by only our subconscious minds.
  • subtle =delicate or faint or slight
24. C response, different parts, controlled P2, L1-4 The entire sound track consists of three essential ingredients: the human voice, sound effects and music. These three tracks must be mixed and balanced so as to produce the necessary emphases which in turn create desired effects.
  • combined appropriately=mixed and balanced.


25. A feelings, motivation, clear P2, line 1-4 As is the case with stage drama, dialogue serves to tell the story and expresses feelings and motivations of characters as well.
26. E seems to be real person, than actor P3, L1-3 When voice textures fit the performer’s physiognomy  and gestures, a whole and very realistic person emerges
  • actor=performer
  • appearance=physiognomy
  • moves=gestures
  • consistent with=fit

Answer for “An introduction to film sound” with explanations

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