Answer for “Changing our understanding of health” with explanation

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Answer for “Changing our understanding of health” with explanation

Answer Keywords Location Explanation
14. viii P B This paragraph explains more about the medical definition of health than the physical definition.
15. ii P C WHO defined the holistic approach merging the physical and mental definition.
16. iv P D This paragraph explains two issues

i) healthy lifestyle approach

  • Given as the fourth option

ii) limitation of healthy lifestyle approach

  • Not given in the option


17. ix P E This whole paragraph explains the socio-ecological view of health.
18. vii P F This charter, known as the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion ,remains as the backbone of health action today.
19. 1946 WHO P C, last line They stated that ‘health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and is not merely the absence of disease(WHO, 1946). 
20. (the) wealthy (members) (of) (society) healthy lifestyle approach P D, line 5 While this individualistic healthy lifestyles approach to health worked for some (the wealthy members of society), ………
  • worked for some= benefited
21. social, economic, environmental socioecological view P E, line 2 While lifestyle factors still remain important, health is being viewed also in terms of the social, economic and environmental contexts in which people live.
22. (the) 1970s lifestyle risks P D, line 1 The 1970s was a time of focusing on the prevention of disease and illness by emphasizing the importance of the lifestyle and behavior of the individual.
24. YES health awareness programs P D, line 4 Creating health meant providing not only medical health care, but health promotion programs and policies which would help people maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyles.
  • health awareness programs= health promotion program
25. NO socio-ecological P E, paragraph 3, line 1 It is clear from this statement that the creation of health is about much more than encouraging healthy individual behaviors and lifestyles and providing appropriate medical care.
  • much more than= not only 
26. NO Ottawa Charter P F, line 2 This charter, known as the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotionremains as the backbone of health action today


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