Answer for “The Falkirk Wheel” with explanations

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has linked, first time
P2, L 10-11
Historically, the two canals had been joined near the town of Falkirk by a sequence of 11 locks – enclosed sections of canal in which the water level could be raised or lowered- that stepped down across a distance of 1.5 km. This has been dismantled in 1933, .. … .” These lines mean that both the canals had been linked before, so this is not the first time.
opposition, design
P3, L1-7
According to paragraph 3, many ideas were submitted for the project but the writer does not show whether anyone opposed the plan that was approved.
put together, location, components
P4, L1-9
The various parts of the Falkirk Wheel were all constructed and assembled at Butterley Engineering’s Steelworks in Derbyshire…” put together = assembled, components = parts, manufactured = constructed
only, by hand
P4, L15-21
“Over 45,000 bolt holes were matched with their bolts, and each bolt was hand-tightened.” So, the writer does mention about bolts being hand-tightened. But, we do not find any information which confirms that it was the only boat with such unique feature.
weight, varies.
P5, L4-6
These gondolas always weigh the same, whether or not they are carrying boats.” It means that the weight is always the same.
construction, monument
P7, L3-7
“the Wheel could not be constructed to elevate boats over the full 35-metre difference between the two canals, owing to the presence of historically important Antonine Wall”. So, we can understand form here that the construction of the Wheel is influenced by the presence of an ancient monument.
20 gates
a pair, lifted
P6, L4-6
“Two hydraulic steel gates are raised, so as to seal the gondola off from the water in the canal basin”. Now, here we find some matches with keywords. * a pair of = two * lifted = raised * shut out water = seal off from water
21 clamp
taken out, rotate
P6, L8-11
“A hydraulic clamp ______ , is removed, allowing the Wheel to turn”. taken out = removed, rotate = turn
22 axle
P6, L12-13
“In the central machine room an array of ten hydraulic motors then begins to rotate the central axle“. means that the hydraulic motors drive the axle by rotating it.
23 cogs
different-sized, upright
P6, L19-22
“As the wheel rotates, the gondolas are kept in the upright position by a simple gearing system. Two eight-metre-wide cogs orbit a fixed inner cog of the same width connected by two smaller cogs…..” Here, the writer says that the writer illustrates the gearing system which comprises many cogs of different sizes. So, the word in the blank is cogs.
24 aqueduct
moves directly onto
P6, L25-29
“When the gondola reaches the top, the boat passes straight onto the aqueduct situated 24 metres above the canal basin”. move onto=pass onto, directly=straight
25 wall
beneath, Roman
P7, L9-11
“This wall” indicates to the wall built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD
26 locks
raise, reach
P7, L1-3
“The remaining 11 metres of lift needed to reach the Union Canal is achieved by a pair of locks“. So, here it means that the locks actually lifts or raises boat.

Answer for “The Falkirk Wheel” with explanations

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