IELTS reading answer “The Motor Car” with explanations

Answer for “The Motor Car” with explanations

Answer Keywords Location Explanation
14. C   P C, line 1&9 Until a hundred years ago, ………………

Today about 90%….

15. F hbits, contribute, problem P F, line 3 But fuel consumption and exhaust emissions depend on which cars are preferred by customers and how they are driven.
16. E merits, cars P E, line 9 Yet cars easily surpass trains or buses as a flexible and convenient mode of personal transport.
17. H future solutions P H, line 12 Better integration of transport systems is also highly desirable – and made more feasible by modern computers. But these are solutions……
18. A motor vehicles P A line 1 There are now over 700 million motor vehicles in the world – and the number is rising by more than 40 million each year.
19. D impact, car, city P D, line 3 Adaptation to the motor car has involved adding ring roads, one-way systems and parking lots.
20. NOTGIVEN      
21. NO horse, vehicles P C Today about 90 per cent of inland freight in the United Kingdom is carried by road. Clearly the world cannot revert to the horse-drawn wagon.
  • we cannot go back to horse because most of the freight is carried by vehicles
22. NOTGIVEN      
23. YES European cities P D, line 1 In Europe most cities are still designed for the old modes of transport.
  • they are designed to traditional vehicles and car is modern one
24. YES Technology, solve, pollution P F, line 9 Besides, global car use is increasing at a faster rate than the improvement in emissions and fuel efficiency which technology is now making possible.
25. YES car, attitude, driving P F, line 7 Many people buy larger cars than they need for daily purposes or waste fuel by driving aggressively.
  • driving aggressively= attitude
26. NO redesigning, cities P G, One solution that has been put forward is the long-term solution of designing cities and neighbourhoods so that car journeys are not necessary – all essential services being located within walking distance or easily accessible by public transport.
  • redesigning is not short-term solution

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