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Cambridge Book 6 Test 2 Passage 1

Advantages of Public Transport

Answers Keywords Location Explanation
1. ii The more democratic the process, the more public transport is favored.” He cites Portland, Oregon as a successful exercise in public power: “Some years ago, federal money was granted to build a new road. However, local pressure groups forced a referendum over whether to spend the money on light rail instead. The rail proposal won and the railway worked spectacularly well.” Therefore, the correct heading for this paragraph is “A successful exercise in people power.
2. vii In the UK, travel times to work had been stable for at least six centuries,¼.. However, public infrastructure did not keep pace with urban sprawl, causing massive congestion problems which now make commuting times far higher.” So “Increases in travelling time” is the appropriate heading for the paragraph.
3. iv here is a widespread belief that increasing wealth encourages people to live farther out where cars are the only viable transport.” However, by giving examples ofsome European and Asian cities, he shows that higher incomes need not mean more cars: “They are often wealthier than their American counterparts but have not generated the same level of car use. In Stockholm, car use has actually fallen in recent years as the city has become larger and wealthier. ¼Developing cities in Asia, such as Jakarta and Bangkok, make more use of the car than wealthy Asian cities such as Tokyo and Singapore.”
4. i It found that pushing everyone into the city centre was not the best approach. Instead, the proposal advocated the creation of urban villages at hundreds of sites, mostly around railway stations.” The best choice for the paragraph‟s heading is “Avoiding an overcrowded centre
5. iii it is valuable to place people working in related fields together. The new world will largerly depend on human creativity, and creativity flourishes where people come together face-to-face.
6. FALSE ISTP study Paragraph 1 A new study conducted for the World Bank by Murdoch University‟s Institute for Science and Technology Policy (ISTP) has demonstrated that public transport is more efficient than cars. The study compared the proportion of wealth poured into transport by thirty- seven cities around the world
7. TRUE Efficient cities, quality of life second paragraph these more efficient cities were able to put the difference into attracting industry and jobs or creating a better place to live.” improving the quality of life ~ creating a better place to live
8. NOT GIVEN inner-city tram network Paragraph 3 Melbourne‟s large tram networkhas made car use in the inner city much lower, but the outer suburbs have the same car-based structure as most other Australian cities.” However, there is no information about whether an inner-city tram network is dangerous for car drivers.
9. FALSE Melbourne, outer suburbs third paragraph The explosion in demand for accommodation in the inner suburbs of Melbourne suggests a recent change in many people‟s preferences as to where they live
10. TRUE bicycle usage paragraph 5 Bicycle use was not included in the study but Newman noted that the two most “bicycle friendly” cities considered – Amsterdam and Copenhagen -were very efficient, even though their public transport systems were “reasonable but not special”.” Thus, the given statement is true. + Cities with high levels of bicycle usage = bicycle friendly cities + averagely good = reasonable but not special
11. F Perth paragraph 2 the Western Australian city of Perth is a good example of a city with minimal public transport. As a result, 17% of its wealth went into transport costs. Some European and Asian cities, on the other hand, spent as little as 5%
12. D Auckland paragraph A it would be hard for a city as hilly as Auckland to develop a really good rail network.” This means that Auckland is hilly and inappropriate for a good rail transport system. + rail transport system = rail network
13. C Portland paragraph A Some years ago, federal money was granted to build a new road. However, local pressure groups forced a referendum over whether to spend the money on light rail instead. The rail proposal won and the railway worked spectacularly well

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