Answers for “Ant Intelligence” with Explanations

Answers for “European forest” with Explanations

Answers for “Population movement and genetics” with Explanations

Question 1-6:-
1. FALSE (para 2, line 2-3: “one another in case of attack. Such chemical communication
can be compared to human use of visual and auditory channels”)

2. TRUE (para 7, line 1-2: “Whereas prehistoric man had no exposure to urban lifestyles –
the forcing house of intelligence – the evidence suggests that ants have…”)


4. TRUE (para 10, line 3-5: “they navigate by integrating bearing and distances, which they
continuously update in their heads. They combine the evidence of visual landmarks with
a mental library of local directions…)

5. FALSE (para 11, line 6-7: “Often the foragers proceeded to the exact spot in the maze
where the food had been”)


Question 7-13:-
7. C- cellulose (para 5, line 2-3: “Ants can‟t digest the cellulose in leaves – but some fungi
can. The ants therefore cultivate these fungi in their nests, bringing them leaves to feed

8. M – secretions (para 5, line 4-5: “and then use them as a source of food. Farmer ants
secrete antibiotics to control other fungi that might act as „weeds‟ )

9. F – fertilizers (para 5, line 5-6: “to control other fungi that might act as „weeds‟, and
spread waste to fertilize the crop”)

10. D – exchanging (para 6, line 7-8: “the fungi suggests that the ants improve or modify the
fungi by regularly swapping and sharing strains with neighbouring ant colonies”)

11. N – sustainable (para 4, line 1: “Or have they? The farming methods of ants are at least

12. O – environment (para 4, line 2: “They do not ruin the environments…”)

13. E – energy (para 4, line 2: “They do not ruin the environments or use enormous amounts
of energy”)

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