Answers for “Book Review” with explanation

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Answers for “Book Review” with explanation

Answer Keywords Location Explanation
 27. D Positive psychology  P 1 , L line 3 and P 2 line 2  

P1 → It just obviously does matter……………

P2 → Those who think in this way ………………as if nothing of any importance had been thought on the subject until it came to their attention.

  • as if nothing of any importance had been thought= ignorant about ideas of its importance(consideration)
 28.  A  Aristotle  P 2, line 7 Paragraph 2: “For Bentham it was obvious that the human good consists of pleasure and the absence of pain. The Greek philosopher Aristotle may have identified happiness with self realization ……………. but for Bentham all this was mere metaphysics or fiction
  • referring to Aistotle’s ideas in earlier times, the author used it as a counter-argument to confirm Bentham’s ideas in later times.
 29. B  Davies  P 4, line 7 By associating money so closely to inner experience, Davies writes, Bentham ‘set the stage for the entangling of psychological research and capitalism that would shape the business practices of the twentieth century.
  • Business practice= work
 30. F  1970  P 3, line 7 In the 1790s. lie wrote to the Home Office suggesting that the departments of government be linked together through a set of ‘conversation tubes”
  • conversation tubes →Bentham has suggested improving communication / communication.
 31. B  banknotes  P 3, line 7,8 … and to the Bank of England with a design for a printing device that could produce unforgettable banknote.
  •  counterfeit money → false cash security
 32. G  Food  P 3, line 9 He drew up plans for a “frigidarium” to keep provisions such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables fresh.
  • refers to the preservation of food
 33. E  prisoners  P3 line 12 ……… which prisoners would be kept in solitary confinement while being visible at all time to the guards, ….”
  • being visible= observation
 34. A  happiness  P4 line 1 If happiness is to be regarded as a science, it has to be measured,….
 35. YES The Happiness Industry  Paragraph 5, line 2 We learn much that is interesting about how economic problems are being redefined and treated as psychological maladies

→ This line talks about the relationship between psychology and economics

 36. NOT GIVEN    P5 In addition, Davies shows how the belief that inner states of pleasure and displeasure can be objectively measured has informed management studies and advertising

No clear information

 37. NO  1915  P5 line 7 When he became president of the American Psychological Association in 1915, he had never even studied a single human being: his research had been confined to experiments on white rats.
  • he had never even studied a single human being:
 38. NOT GIVEN  Watsons ideas  P 5  line 9  … Yet Watson’s reductive model is now widely applied, with “behavior
change” becoming the goal of governments: in Britain …..”
  • No information about the impact on countries outside the United States
 39. YES  industrialization, happiness  P 6 line 1 Modern industrial societies appear to need the possibility of ever increasing happiness to motivate them in their labors.
  • industrial societies= industrialization
 40. NO  aim of government  P 6 line 2 But whatever its intellectual pedigree, the idea that governments should be responsible for promoting happiness is always a threat to human freedom
  • if government becomes responsible for promoting happiness it creates a danger to human freedom so government should not be responsible.


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