Answers for “Endless Harvest” with explanations.

Question 14-20:

14. FALSE (para 1, last 2 lines: “to the north. The islands‟ native inhabitants called this land
mass Aleyska, the „Great Land‟; today, we know it as Alaska.”)


16. TRUE (para 3, line 4-5: “of groundfish (cod, sole, perch and pollock) in 2000. The true
cultural heart and soul of Alaska‟s fisheries, however, is salmon.”)


18. TRUE (para 3, last 3 lines: wild salmon in the world. During 2000, commercial catches
of Pacific salmon in Alaska exceeded 320,000 tonnes, with an ex-vessel value of over
$US260 million.”)

19. TRUE (para 4, first 2 lines: “Catches have not always been so healthy. Between 1940 and
1959, overfishing led to crashes in salmon populations so severe that in”)

20. FALSE (para 4, last 2 lines: “during the 1990s, annual harvests were well in excess of
100 million, and on several occasions over 200 million fish.”)


Question 21-26:

21. G (para 5, line 3-7: “throughout the state constantly monitoring adult fish as they show up
to spawn. The biologists sit in streamside counting towers, study sonar, watch from
aeroplanes, and talk to fishermen. The salmon season in Alaska is not pre-set. The
fishermen know the approximate time of year when they will be allowed to fish”)

22. E (para 5, line 8-9: “but on any given day, one or more field biologists in a particular area
can put a halt to fishing. Even sport fishing can be brought to a halt.”)

23. B (para 5, first 2 lines: “The primary reason for such increases is what is known as „InSeason Abundance-Based Management”)

24. A (para 6, first 3 lines: “In 1999, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)***
commissioned a review of the Alaska salmon fishery. The Council, which was founded in
1996, certifies fisheries that meet high environmental standards”)

25. K (para 7, last 4 lines: “completely collapsed. In the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers,
chinook and chum runs were probably the poorest since statehood; subsistence communities throughout the region, who normally have priority over commercial fishing,
were devastated.”)

26. F (para 9, line 2-4: “salmon fisheries qualified for certification. Seven companies
producing Alaska salmon were immediately granted permission to display the MSC logo
on their products.)

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