Answers for “European forest” with Explanations

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Answers for “Population movement and genetics” with Explanations

Question 27-33:-

28. FALSE (para 1, last 2 lines: “Mediterranean or the Nordic countries therefore had to be
discarded. However, this does not mean that in future they will be ignored.”)

29. TRUE (para 2, line 6-7: “plant. At the same time, forests provide raw materials for human
activities through their constantly renewed production of wood.”)

30. FALSE (para 2, line 12-13: “since the dawn of man – wood was the first fuel. The other
aspects have been recognized only for a few centuries but they are becoming more and
more important”)

31. FALSE (para 3, line 2-3: “no remaining „primary‟ forests in Europe. All European forests
are artificial, having been adapted and exploited by man for thousands of years.”)

32. FALSE (para 3, line 4-5: “This means that a forest policy is vital, that it must transcend
national frontiers and generations of people.”)

33. TRUE (para 3, line 5-8: “national frontiers and generations of people, and that it must
allow for the inevitable changes that take place in the forests, in needs, and hence in
policy. The Strasbourg conference was one of the first events on such a scale to reach this

Question 34-39:-
34. J (para 4, line 2-3: “The first proposes the extension and systematization of surveillance
sites to monitor forest decline.”)

35. A (para 4, line 13-14: “The second resolution concentrates on the need to preserve the
genetic diversity of European forests.”)

36. E (para 4, line 16-19: “Although forest fires do not affect all of Europe to the same extent,
the amount of damage caused the experts to propose as the third resolution that the
Strasbourg conference consider the establishment of a European databank on the

37. B (para 4, line 21-22: “generally available. The subject of the fourth resolution discussed
by the ministers was mountain forests
line 26-27: “long-term changes to the local ecosystems. Proposed developments include a preferential research program on mountain forests.”)

38. G (para 4, line 27-30: “. The fifth resolution relaunched the European research network
on the physiology of trees, called Eurosilva. Eurosilva should support joint European
research on tree diseases and their physiological and biochemical aspects.”)

39. D (para 4, line 33-34: “research projects in this area. finally, the conference established
the framework for a European research network on forest ecosystems.”)

Question 40:
40. B ( six solutions)

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