Answers for “Flying Tortoises” with explanation

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Answers for “Flying Tortoises” with explanation

Answers Keywords Location Explanation
1. v     The islands were colonised by one or more tortoises from mainland South America”. “Colonise” can be considered the same as “populate”.
2. iii     This paragraph explains what happened to the tortoises after human arrival, and those are negative impacts for the tortoises such as -taken on board these ships to act as food supplies, they (humans) hunted the tortoises and destroyed their habitat to clear land for agriculture, and so on.
3. viii     This paragraph talks about a tortoise-breeding center with its captive-breeding programme.

In 1989, work began on a tortoise breeding centre

• Start = begin
• Programme = project
• Protect tortoise populations = conservation

4. i     If people wait too long after that point, the tortoises eventually become too large to transport. This means that if the timing is wrong, there is a big price to pay or they have to face a big problem.
5. iv     ……….to work out more ambitious reintroduction. The aim was to use a helicopter to move 300 of the breeding centre’s tortoises to various locations close to Sierra Negra.

It means that the plan is a very big one.

6. vi     The whole paragraph explains the procedures indicating that the operation was carefully prepared.
7. ii     Eventually, one tiny tortoise came across a fully grown giant …
8. pirates  17th Century, small numbers paragraph B line 2-3 From 17th century onwards, pirates took a few on board for food, … … ..
  • a few = small numbers.
  • means that ships were used by pirates,
9. food 1790s, very large numbers  paragraph B line 5& 6 The tortoises were taken on board these ships to act as food supplies during long ocean passages. Sometimes, their bodies were processed into high-grade oil.”
  • Kept for = act as
  • To produce = processed
10. oil 1790s, very large numbers  paragraph B line 5& 6 Sometimes, their bodies were processed into high-grade oil.
11. settlers hunt, on islands paragraph B, line 9 They hunted the tortoises……”.
  • They= when settlers came to the islands.
  • Here, ‘they’ is referring to settlers.
12. species Habitat destruction, not native Paragraph B, line 10 They also introduced alien species- ranging from ……………
13. eggs  feed on, baby tortoise Paragraph B, line 11 …….that either prey on the eggs and young tortoises… .. ..”.
  • prey on = fed on
  • young tortoises = baby tortoises


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