Answers for “Making every drop count” with explanations

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Question 14-20:-
14. xi (para A, line 6-7: “nine major systems, with an innovative layout of pipes and wellbuilt sewers, supplied the occupants of Rome”

15. vii (para C, line 5-8: “November 2001, more than billion lack access to clean drinking
water; some two and a half billion do not have adequate sanitation services. Preventable.
water-related diseases kill an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 children every day)

16. v (para D, line 5-7: “More than 20% of freshwater fish pieces are now threatened or
endangered because dams and water withdrawals have destroyed the free-flowing river

17. i (para E, line 4-5: environmental needs as top priority – ensuring „some for all‟ instead
of „more for some‟ )

18. ix (para F, line 1-2: “Fortunately – and unexpectedly – the demand for water is not
raising as rapidly as some predicted.”

19. ii (para G, line 1: “What explains this remarkable turn of events?”

20. x (para H, line 7-9: “project seem warranted, we must find way to meet demands with
fewer resource, respecting ecological criteria and to a smaller budget”

Question 21-26:-
21. NO (para A, line 7-9) “well-built sewers, supplied the occupants of Rome with as much
water per person as is provided in many parts of the industrial world today”)

22. YES (para B, line 7-9) “Food production has kept pace with soaring population mainly
because of the expansion of artificial irrigation systems that make possible the growth of
40% of the world‟s food.”


24. NO (para F, line 4-6) “two decades. Although population, industrial output and economic
productivity have continued to soar in developed nation”

25. YES (para G, line 8-9) “consumed per person has actually decreased, thanks to a range of
new technologies that help to conserve water in homes and industry”


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