Answers for “Motivating Employee Under Adverse Condition” with Explanations

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Answers for “The Lumiere Brothers and Cinematography” with Explanations

Question 14-18:-
14. vii (KEY POINT TWO, first 2 lines: ―The literature in goal-setting theory suggests that
managers should ensure that all employees have specific goals and receive comments on
how well they are doing in those goals‖)

15. iii (KEY POINT THREE, last 3 lines: ―Managers must be sure, therefore, that employees
feel confident that their efforts can lead to performance goals. For managers, this means
that employees must have the capability oi doing the job and must regard the appraisal
process as valid‖)

16. ii (KEY POINT FOUR, first 3 lines: ―Since employees have different needs, what acts as
a reinforcement for one may not for another. Managers could use their knowledge oi each
employee to personalize the rewards over which they have control.‖)

17. iv (KEY POINT FIVE, first 2 lines: ―Managers need to make rewards contingent on
performance. To reward factors other than performance will only reinforce those other
factors. Key rewards such as pay increases and‖)

18. i (KEY POINT SIX, first 2 lines: ―The way rewards are distributed should be transparent
so that employees perceive that rewards or outcomes are equitable and equal to the inputs
given. On a simplistic level‖)

Question 19-24:
19. NO (THE CHANLLENGE, part 1, last 4 lines: ―employees. When an organisation is
shrinking, the best and most mobile workers are prone to leave voluntarily.
Unfortunately, they are the ones the organisation can least afford to lose – those with the
highest skills and experience. The minor employees remain because their job options are


21. NO (KEY POINT ONE, line 3-6: ―autonomous unit within a larger business, high
achievers should be sought. However, if the job to be filled is a managerial post in a large
bureaucratic organisation, a candidate who has a high need or power and a low need for
affiliation should be selected Accordingly, high achievers should not be put into jobs that
are inconsistent with their needs‖)

22. YES (KEY POINT TWO, last 3 lines: ―the culture, however, goals should be assigned. If
participation and the culture are incongruous, employees are likely to perceive the
participation process as manipulative and l be negatively affected by it.‖)


24. YES (KEY POINT FIVE, line 4-5: ―goals. Consistent with maximising the impact oi
rewards, managers should look for ways to increase their visibility. Eliminating the
secrecy surrounding pay by openly communicating‖)

Question 25-27:-
25. B (KEY POINT TWO, line 3-4: ―those with high achievement needs, typically a minority
in any organization, the existence of external goals is less important because high
achievers are already internally motivated.‖)

26. C (KEY POINT SIX, line 7-9: ―production workers identified nearly twenty inputs and
Outcomes. The clerical workers considered factors such as quality of work performed and
job knowledge near the top of their list, but these were at the bottom of the production
workers‘ list‖)

27. A (KEY POINT SIX, line 9-11: ―their list, but these were at the bottom of the production
workers‘ list. Similarly, production workers thought that the most important inputs were
intelligence and personal involvement with task accomplishment, two factors that were
quite low in the importance ratings of the clerks‖)

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