Answers for “Pulling strings to build Pyramids” with explanations.

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Question 1-7:

1. TRUE (para 1, line 2-3: “ago, and no one knows how. The conventional picture is that
tens of thousands of slaves dragged stones on sledges.”)

2. FALSE (para 1, line 6-7: “perusing a book on the monuments of Egypt, she noticed a
hieroglyph that showed a row of men standing in add postures.”)


4. TRUE (para 2, last 3 lines: “was a kite,‟ he says. And since he needed a summer project
for his student Emilio Graff, investigating the possibility of using kites as heavy liners
seemed like a good idea.”)

5. FALSE (para 3, line 5-7: “the 33.5-tonne column. Even a modest force, if sustained over
a long time, would do. The key was to use a pulley system that would magnify the
applied force. So they rigged up a tent-shaped scaffold directly”)


7. TRUE (para 4, first 3 lines: “Earlier this year, the team put Clemmons‟s unlikely theory
to the test, using a 40-square-meter rectangular nylon sail. The kite lifted the column
clean off the ground”)

Question 8-13:

8. (wooden) pulleys

9. stone

10. (accomplished) sailors

11. (modern) glider

12. flight
(para 7, line 2-7: “the wind would not have been a problem for accomplished sailors like the
Egyptians. And they are known to have used wooden pulleys, which could have been made
strong enough to bear the weight at massive blocks of stone. ln addition, there is some
physical evidence that the ancient Egyptians were interested in flight. A wooden artefact fon
the step pyramid at Saqqara looks uncannily like a modem glider.”)
13. messages (para 7, last 2 lines: “Chinese were using them to deliver messages and dump
flaming debris on their foes.”)

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