Answers for “Sheet glass manufacturing process” with explanation

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Question 1-8:
1. Spinning (para 1, line 4-5: ―mass that hardens when slowly cooled. The first successful
method for making clear, flat glass involved spinning‖)

2. (perfectly) unblemished (para 1, line 6-7: ―effective as the glass had not touched any
surfaces between being soft and becoming hard, so it stayed perfectly unblemished‖)

3. labor/labour intensive (para 1, last line: ―However, the process took a long time and was
labour intensive.‖)

4. thickness (para 2, line 4-5: ―through two hot rollers, similar to an old mangle. This
allowed glass of virtually any thickness to be made non-stop‖)

5. marked (para 2, line 5-6: ―but the rollers would leave both sides of the glass marked, and
these would then need to be‖)

6. (molten) glass (para 3, line 2-3: ―Pilkington. This process allows the manufacture of clear,
tinted and coated glass for buildings, and clear and tinted glass for vehicles.‖)

7. (molten) tin/metal
8. rollers
(para 3, line 5-6: ―and in 1952 he had the idea of using a bed of molten metal to form the
flat glass, eliminating altogether the need for rollers within the float bath.‖)

9. TRUE (para 3, line 7-8: ―bath. The metal had to melt at a temperature less than the
hardening point of glass (about 600°C)‖)


11. FALSE (para 5 line 2-4: ―company to build a full—scale plant. However, it took 14
months of non-stop production, costing the company £100,000 a month, before the plant
produced any usable glass‖)

12. TRUE (para 5, last 3 lines: ―They finally succeeded in 1959 and there are now float plants
all over the world, with each able to produce around 1000 tons of glass every day, nonstop for around 15 years‖)

13. TRUE (para 7, line 5: ―ensure the highest quality, inspection takes place at every stage‖
Line 8: ―Automated on-line inspection does two things.‖
Last 2 lines: ―see. Secondly, it enables computers downstream to steer
cutters around flaws‖)


Answers for “Sheet glass manufacturing process” with explanation

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