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Answer of Stepwells with Explanation

Answer of Stepwells with Explanation is taken from IELTS Academic Reading: Cambridge 10, Reading Test 1: Passage 1 and is aimed for candidates who have major problems in finding IELTS Reading Answers.

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Answer of Stepwells with Explanation is divided into three parts for your ease of navigating answer, passage, and questions, all at the same time.

We moved to alwaysielts, A website for IELTS news from 55+ websites.
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Answer of Stepwells with Explanation

  • The answers appear in the same order in the text as the order of the statements
  • You don’t need to read the whole text. First, you will scan for keywords and then you’ll read in detail the section in which they’re located for the answer.
  • Underline the key words in first two question. Why first two questions? If you miss locating one, you need another to stop you and think, either you have missed it or it’s not given.
  • There will be at least one of each answer type – True, False, Not Given. So, if you don’t have at least one of each when you’ve completed the question, you’ve made a mistake.
  •  Identify any words that qualify the statement, for example, some, all, mainly, often, always and occasionally. These words are there to test if you have read the whole statement because they can change the meaning. For example, ‘Coca-Cola has always made its drinks in the U.S.A.’ has a different meaning from ‘Coca-Cola has mainly made its drinks in the U.S.A.’
  • The statements won’t be a word-for-word match to the information in the text. They will contain synonyms and paraphrasing. It’s the meaning that you are trying to match.
  • Remember that at least one answer will be NG. This means that you will be searching for information that is not there.
  • Don’t answer based on your assumptions
  • If you can’t find the information you are looking for, then it is probably ‘not given’. Don’t waste time looking for something that is not there.
  • If you have no idea what the answer is put ‘not given’. You probably have no idea because the answer is not there.
  • Don’t write yes for True, No for false.
  • To understand what is being asked in the questions look the questions before the passage for scanning purpose. This will help you to know the main ideas to look out for.
  • Answers are in order
  • Take care of the word limit
  • Ensure that your answer is grammatically correct
  • Be aware of synonyms
1 falseancient stepwells, worldPara 2 line 7Now read this line “Most stepwells are found dotted round the desert areas of Gujarat (where they are called vav) and Rajasthan (where they are called baori), while a few also survive in Delhi.”

Implies that they are not all over the world but Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi.
2 truefunctions, water collectionPara 2, line 11Now read this line, “During  their  heyday,  they  (stepwells)  were  places  of gathering of leisure and relaxation and of worship for villagers of all but the lowest classes.” Then, he continues “Some were located in or near villages as public spaces for the community; others were positioned  beside  roads  as  resting  places  for  travelers.” 

Here other functions are gathering place, worship place, resting place. Which means that stepwells were not only used for collecting water.
3 not givenfew Delhi, attractivePara 2Para 2 mentions that “a few also survive in Delhi”.  However, no comparison of the attractiveness of stepwells in Delhi and in other places is found.
4 not givenstone stepsPara 3 & Para 4No paragraph indicates the length of time workers took.
5 truesteps, altered, course of a yearPara 3, line 6Now read this line “When the water level was high, the user needed only to descend a few steps to reach it; when it was low, several levels would have to be negotiated.”

Because of the change in water level, the number of steps one had to climb up and down also changed. Which means the steps altered (changed) according the course of a year.
6 pavilionsshadePara4, line 6Here, shade= shelter.

Now read this line “Built from stone and supported by pillars, they also included pavilions that sheltered visitors from the relentless heat.”

Pavilions that sheltered visitors means Pavilions gave shade to visitors.
7 draughtclimate event, southern RajasthanPara 5Now read this line, “southern Rajasthan suffered an eight-year drought between 1996 and 2004.”

Serious climatic event= drought.
8 touristsrequent visitors, nowadays,Last para, line 6Now read this line, “Tourists flock to wells in far-flung corners of north-western India to gaze  in  wonder  at  these  architectural  marvels  from  hundreds   of  years  ago…” 

This  means  that nowadays, a huge number of tourists visit India to gaze at these wells.
9 earthquakeRani Ki Vav, Restored, 1960s,Para 7Now read this line, “Incredibly, in January 2001, this ancient structure survived an earthquake that measured 7.6 on the Richter scale.”

This means that despite the earthquake in 2001,the stepwell of Rani Ki Vav was still in excellent condition.
10 4 sidesSurya Kund, geometrical pattern,Para 8, line 8Now read this line, “Besides, it is the steps on the four sides that create a geometrical formation.”

It is the steps on the four sides that create a geometrical formation (pattern).
11 tankSurya Kund, looks likePara 8, line 4Now read this line “It  actually  resembles  a  tank  rather than  a  well,”

Resembles a tank means looks like a tank.
12 verandasChand baori, dramatic, view of the stepsPara 10, last line Now read this line “On the fourth side, verandas which are supported by ornate pillars overlook the steps.” The same paragraph has the words like oldest, deepest, most dramatic.

Verandas (which are supported by ornate pillars) overlook the steps means Verandas provide a view of the steps.
13 underwaterNeemrana Ki BaoriPara 11, line 4Now read this line “Constructed in around 1700, it is nine storeys deep, with the last two being underwater.”

Last two are underwater.

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