Answers for “The nature of genius” with explanations

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Question 14-18:

14. B (para 2, line 5-6: ―in another, that intellectuals are impractical, that prodigies burn
too brightly too soon and burn out‖)

15. C (para 2, line 12-13: ― unrewarded, that adversity makes men wise or that people
with gift have responsibility to use them‖)

16. F (para 2, line 8: ―and madness, that genius runs in family…‖)

17. H (para 2, line 11-12: ― mathematical than others, that genius goes unrecognized and

18. J (para 2, line 8-9: ―and madness, that genius runs in family, that gifted are so clever
they don‘t need special help‖)

Question 19-26:
19. TRUE (para 3, line 12-15: ―call norm-referenced. In other words, then, for instance,
information is collated about early illnesses, methods of upbringing, schooling, etc.
we must also take into account information from the other historical sources about
how common or exceptional these were at the time.‖)

20. TRUE (para 3, last 3 lines: of paediatrics and psychology in the twentieth century that
studies could be carried out on a more objective, if still not always very scientific,

21. FALSE (para 4, line 9-10: ―Dr Samuel Johnson‘s observation, ‗The true genius is a
mind of large general powers, accidentally determined to some particular direction‘‖)

22. TRUE (para 5, first 3 lines: What we appreciate, enjoy or man/el at in the works of
genius or the achievements of prodigies are the manifestations of skills or abilities
which are similar to, but so much superior to, our own‖)

23. TRUE (para 5, line 5-9: ―the fact that the hard-won discoveries of scientists like
Kepler or Einstein become the commonplace knowledge of schoolchildren … soon
appear on the fabrics we wear. This does not minimize the supremacy of their


25. TRUE (para 6, line 8-12: ―unpalatable. We may envy their achievements and fame,
but we should also recognise the price they may have paid in terms of perseverance,
single-mindedness, dedication, restrictions on their personal lives‖)


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