Answers for “The risks agriculture faces in developing countries” with explanation

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Answers for “The risks agriculture faces in developing countries” with explanation

Answers Keywords Location Explanation
1.A characteristics, food production P A, line 1 Two things distinguish food production form all other productive activities.
  • only apply= distinguish
  • Two things= two characters
2. B challenges, only, farmers in certain parts of the world P B,line 1 Farmers everywhere face major risks, including …. . .”. Don’t let the everywhere fool you. Go through the next lines. ….However, smallholder farmers in developing countries must in addition deal with adverse environments, both natural .. .. . ..”.
  • Developing countries = certain parts of the world.
3.H difficulties, co-operation between farmers.  paragraph H, lines 7- 8 …that collective action does not come as a free good. It takes time, effort ……
  • co-operation= collective action
  • difficulties= takes time, effort
4.D financial assistance, does not always go to the farmers paragraph E, line 7 E, line 7 has a word ‘subsidies’ which is synonymous with financial assistance. It also says in lines 10 and 11, In fact, studies show that sixty percent of beneficiaries of subsidies are not poor, but rich… .. . .
  • that sixty percent of beneficiaries of subsidies are not poor= does not always go to the farmers

The statement is made by Rokeya Kabir, Executive Director of Bangladesh Nari Progati Shangha.

5.B benefit, collaborate, as a group para H. Here lines 6 & 7 collective action offers an important way for farmers to strengthen their political and economic bargaining power.
  • strengthenbenefit.

The statement is made by Sophia Murphy, senior advisor to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

6.C financial assistance, standard of living, farmers. paragraph E, line 1  Shenggen Fan………….Public welfare programmes are actually those programmes which supply financial assistance.
  • “address poverty” and “reduce their vulnerability to agriculture shocks” means to “improve the standard of living”.

The statement is made by Shennge Fan, Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute.

7.G may be helped, financial input Paragraph I  line 8 ………….worth more attention which is synonymous to “farmers may be helped”. Also, the part of the sentence in line 7 “consumers invest in local farmers….”   matches with “financial input by the same individuals who buy from them”.

The statement is made by Sonali Bisht, founder and advisor of INHERE, India.

8.B governments, reduce, variation in prices paragraph D, line6 Sophia Murphy, senior advisor to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy suggested………..
  • There is a word ‘government’.
  • The word ‘Mitigate’ means ‘reduce’.
  • Wild swings in food prices’ means ‘variation in prices’.
9.A improvements to infrastructure, major impact, risk for farmers paragraph D, lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 ………………..argued that governments can …………….
  • Major impact on risk for farmers = governments can significantly reduce risk for farmers (line 4)

The statement is made by Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development.



problems, affect farmers with small farms, developing countries paragraph B line 3 In , you can find the mention of smallholder farmers which means farmers with small farms. There is also a clear mention of developing countries. Now, in line 3 and 4 you will find a phrase adverse environment which matches with answer D = the effects of changing weather patterns.

Also in the opening of paragraph G, the writer states, “… climate change and its consequences for small-scale agriculture”. Here, ‘Small-scale agriculture’ matches with ‘farmers with small farms’.



recommended, improving, conditions for farmers paragraph H and paragraph I In paragraph H, as we’ve already read that collective actions can be beneficial for farmers. So, this matches with answer C where organizing co-operation …. is mentioned.

In paragraph I, lines 7 and 8 there is a mention of “….community-supported agriculture, where consumers invest in local farmers by subscription and guarantee producers a fair price, ….” So, this matches with answer D where we find phrases like encouraging consumers and financial stakes.


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