Answers for “The True Cost of Food” with Explanations

Answers for “Makete Integrated Rural Transport Project.” with Explanations

Answers for “Why Pagodas Don’t Fall Down?” with Explanations

Question 14-17:
14. E (line 3-4: “£23m for the removal of the bug cryptosporidium from drinking water by
water companies.”

15. B (line 7-11: “loved farmland birds, such as the skylark, the grey partridge the lapwing
and the corn bunting, have vanished from huge stretches of countryside, as have even
more wild flowers and insects. This is a direct result of the way we have produced out
food in the last four decades.”)

16. C (line 7-8: “the costs may not even appear to be financial at all, but merely aesthetic – a
terrible shame, but nothing to do with money.

17. B (line 13-14: “faecal filth of salmon farming has driven wild salmon from many of the
sea lochs and rivers of Scotland.”)

Question 18- 21:
18. YES (para B, line 7-9: “loved farmland birds, such as the skylark, the grey partridge, the
lapwing and the corn bunting, have vanished from huge stretches of countryside”)


20. NO (para C, line 1-4: “Put it altogether and it looks like a battlefield, but consumers
rarely make the connection at the dinner table. That is mainly because the costs of all this
damage are what economists refer to as externalities: they are outside the main

21. YES (para E, line 7-8: “from soil erosion and organic carbon losses; £169m from food
poisoning and £607m from cattle disease”)

Question 22-26:
22. food bills/costs (para E, line 9-10: “a simple but memorable conclusion from all this: our
food bills are actually threefold”)

23. (modern) intensive farming (para F, line 3-6: “very hard for some countries, but in
Britain, there the immediate need to supply food is less urgent, and the costs and the
damage of intensive farming have been clearly seen, it may be more feasible”

24. organic framing (para G, line 2-3: “alternative? Professor Pretty feels that organic
framing would be too big a jump in thinking and in practices for many farmers”)

25. Greener Food Standard (para G, line 5-6: “reach of many poorer consumers. He is
recommending the immediate introduction of a „Green Food Standard‟

26. Consumers & farmers (para G, line 13-15: “health. It could go a long way, he says, to
shifting consumers as well farmers towards a more sustainable system of agriculture”

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