Answers for “Votes for Women” with explanation

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Question 14-15:
14. C (para 2, line 7-16: “nationwide image. By doing so, it became one of the first groups to
project a corporate identity, and it is this advanced marketing strategy, along with the
other organisational and commercial achievements of the WSPU, to which the exhibition
is devoted.”)

15. D (para 4, line 1-7: “With their slogan „Deeds not words‟, and the introduction of the
colour scheme, the WSPU soon brought the movement the cohesion and focus it had
previously lacked.”)

Question 16:
16. D & E (para 13, line 1-10: “Although the exhibition officially charts the years 1906 to
1914, graphic display boards outlining the bills of enfranchisement of 1918 and 1928,
which gave the adult female populace of Britain the vote, show what was achieved. It

Question 17-19:
17. (selling) advertising (space) (para 6, line 1-10: “Equally importantly for a rising political
group, the newspaper returned a profit. This was partly, because advertising space was
bought in the paper by large department stores such as Selfridges, and jewellers such as
Mappin & Webb. These two”)

18. „colour scheme/(three) colours/purple, white, green‟ (para 7, line 6-12: “exploit. The
group began to sell playing cards, board games, Christmas and greeting cards, and
countless other goods, all in the purple, white and green colours. In 1906 such”)

19. (the) Woman‟s Exhibition (para 8, line 7-12: “numerous other fund- raising activities
combined to fill the coffers of the „war chest‟. The most notable of these was the
Woman‟s Exhibition, which took”)

Question 20-26:
20. NO (para 3, line 1-13: “Formed in 1903 by the political campaigner Mrs Emmeline
Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia, the WSPU began an educated
campaign to put women‟s suffrage on the political agenda. New Zealand, Australia and
parts of the United States had already enfranchised women, and”)

21. YES (para 5, last 5 lines: “The newspapers produced by the WSPU, first Votes for
Women and later The Suffragette, played a vital role in this communication.”)

22. NO (para 5, line 6-7: “Both were sold throughout the country and proved an”)

23. NO (para 5, last 6 lines: “invaluable way of informing members of meetings, marches,
fund- raising events and the latest news and views on the movement.”)


25. YES (para 9: “The Museum of London‟s exhibition is largely visual, with a huge number
of items on show. Against a quiet background hum of street sounds, copies of The
Suffragette, campaign banners and photographs are all on display, together”)

26. YES (para 11, line 8-14: “programme begins with a short film devised by the „antis‟ —
those opposed to women having the vote — depicting a suffragette as a fierce harridan
bullying her poor, abused husband.”)

Question 27:
27. D (para 13, line 10-11: “achieved. It demonstrates how advanced the”
Para 13, line 17: “also conveys a sense of the”
Para 13, line 21: “equality. And it illustrates”)

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