Answers for “William Henry Perkin” with explanation

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1. FALSEMichael Faraday, Perkin‟s abilityparagraph 2; line 3His talent and devotion to the subject were perceived by his teacher Thomas Hall. “So Thomas Hall was the  first person to recognise  Perkin‟s  ability”
2. NOT GIVENshould enrollparagraph 2; last sentence………..he later went on to attend the Royal College of Chemistry,  which  he  succeeded  in  entering  in  1853,  at  the  age  of  15. “Nothing given about who encouraged Henry to join the college”
3. FALSEAugust Wilhelm Hofmannparagraph  3; line 3At  the  time  of  ………………………  German  chemist  August  Wilhelm  Hofmann.  Perkin‟s  scientific gifts  soon  caught  Hofmann‟s  attention  and,  within  two  years,  he  became  Hofmann‟s  youngest assistant. ” meaning Hofmann employed Perkin as his assistant”
4. Trueyoung, discovery, rich and famous.paragraph  3; line 7Not long after that,…………….. him both fame and fortune. “meaning that when making the scientific discovery, Perkin was still young, (fame=famous), (fortune= rich), (breakthrough= discovery)”
5. Not Givenquinine, derived, only in South Americaparagraph 4; line 1At the time, quinine was the only viable medical treatment for malaria. The drug is  derived  from  the  bark  of  the  cinchona  tree,  native  to  South  America. “although trees are native to South America, whether they grow only in South America is not mentioned”
6. TRUEdrug, coal tar waste product.paragraph 5; line 3He was attempting to manufacture quinine from aniline, an inexpensive and readily available coal tar waste product. ”attempting to manufacture= hoping to manufacture”
7. NOT GIVENinspired, Louis Pasteurparagraph 5; line 15And, proving the truth of the famous scientist Louis  Pasteur‟s  words  „chances  favours  only  the  prepared  mind‟,  Perkin  saw  the  potential  of  his unexpected  find. ”whether he was inspired by Louis Pasteur’s discoveries or not is not given”
8. the richgroup, purpleparagraph 6; line 6Indeed, the purple colour extracted from a snail was once so costly that in society at the time, only the rich could afford it. ” historically, the colour purple was associated with the rich”
9. commercial (possibilities)potential, new dyeparagraph  7; last sentenceBut  perhaps  the  most  fascinating  of  all  Perkin‟s reactions   to   his   find   was   his   nearly   instant   recognition   that   the   new   dye   had   commercial possibilities. “immediately understand= instant recognition”
10. mauvefinally, name, first colourparagraph  8, 1st sentencePerkin originally named ………………………..known as mauve. ” initaially the dye was named Tyrian which finally became popular as Mauve”
11. Robert Pullarname, personparagraph  8, line 6He  (Perkin)  asked  advice  of  Scottish  dye  works  owner  Robert  Pullar,  ……………….. relatively  low. ”This  means  that  Perkin  consulted  Robert  Pullar (consulted=asked advice)”
12. Francecountry, fashionableparagraph 9; line 10The  company  received  a  commercial  boost  from  the  Empress  Eugénie  of France, …………………… Very soon, mauve was the necessary shade for  all  the  fashionable  ladies  in  that  country . “that country = France”
13. Malariadisease, researchers, using synthetic dyesparagraph  10; last sentenceAnd,  in  what  would  have ………………………..research for a vaccine against malaria. ” means that malaria is now being targeted by researchers using synthetic dyes”

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