Recent Writing Question(August 7, Uzbekistan)

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”block” ihc_mb_who=”reg” ihc_mb_template=”1″ ] Task 1: The table compares the proportion of primary pupils who attended classes in England between 1996 and 2011. Summarize the information and make comparison where relevant. Task 2: These days many of us prefer to throw damaged things away, whereas in the past people used to repair damaged items … Read more

Recent Questions asked by IELTS in August

These are the recently asked IELTS questions:- SPEAKING Part 1 Home/ Town Where are you living at the moment? Do many people live in your neighborhood? Do you have many friends there? How long have you been living there? What changes would you like to see in this area? Who do you live with? What … Read more

Answers for “Reducing the effects of climate change” with explanation

Answer Keywords Location Explanations 27. D geo-engineering, earlier natural phenomenon paragraph D, lines 3-4 “The idea is modelled on historic volcanic explosions, such as that of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in o 1992, which led to a short-term cooling of global temperatures by 0.5 C. So, the “earlier natural phenomenon” = “historic volcanic explosions”. … Read more

Answer for “The Falkirk Wheel” with explanations

Answer keyword Locations Explanations 14 FALSE has linked, first time P2, L 10-11 Historically, the two canals had been joined near the town of Falkirk by a sequence of 11 locks – enclosed sections of canal in which the water level could be raised or lowered- that stepped down across a distance of 1.5 km. … Read more

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