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  • IELTS Writing Task 1: notice real examples

    This IELTS article is the property of https://www.ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2020/02/ielts-writing-task-1-notice-real-examples.html. Please visit the website for detail. I was reading The Economist yesterday, and I noticed these sentences: America’s total student debt, at over $1.5trn, is larger than the national borrowing of most countries. It has quintupled in size since 2004, overtaking both…

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  • IELTS essay writing: 3 levels

    Let’s break essay writing into the following 3 levels: The full essay Paragraph level Sentence level Level 1 When faced with a writing task 2 question, some IELTS students / candidates are stuck at level 1. They have no idea how to organise their writing at paragraph and sentence level.…

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  • IELTS Preparation Checklist

    Today I’m attaching a checklist of things that I recommend doing if you’re preparing for the IELTS test. I’ve shared this before on my ‘How to Teach IELTS’ course, but never here on the blog. Download IELTS preparation checklist How many of the boxes on the checklist can you tick?…

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  • IELTS Advice: ask your teacher to demonstrate

    We teachers sometimes spend too much time telling students about techniques, and not enough time demonstrating how to put them into practice. For example, I think that teachers should write paragraphs and even full essays in front of their students. This allows students to follow their teacher’s thought process as…

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  • IELTS Vocabulary: spend time on / spend time doing

    One of the tasks in my ‘100 IELTS Flashcards’ ebook asks you to fill the gap in the sentence below. They spend too much time _____ television. Many people think the missing word is ‘on’ because they have learnt the phrase ‘spend time on something’. However, in this case ‘on’…

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