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Band 9 letter Samples


You are living in a University residence, and you have a problem with the high levels of noise from a new campus restaurant which is open until midnight. Write a letter to the governor of the University. In your letter,
›› Complain about the situation
›› Say why this is a problem
›› And propose ways to reduce the noise
Begin your letter ‘Dear ——–’

Dear Mr Smith,

I am writing regarding the amount of noise coming from the new canteen which has just opened near my University residence. Although I am pleased that we have this facility, the restaurant remains open up to midnight each night, and as a result there is considerable talking, shouting and the sound of motorbikes continuing until about 12.30 each night.

This causes me and my neighbours in the residence a serious problem, because at that time we are either trying to sleep, or in some cases trying to study in our bedrooms. In both cases, the noise and commotion disturbs us, making us tired in the mornings or affecting the progress of our studies. I am sure you will appreciate that this is a very worrying situation for us all.

I would like to suggest that the campus authorities restrict the canteen’s opening to 11pm at the latest on weekdays, leaving it at midnight during the weekend. I propose that we also put up some signs reminding users to be considerate and to keep their noise to an absolute minimum. These are simple steps which would make us all very grateful indeed.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Kind Regards,

Claudia Maggioni

(206 words)

You are living in a city in a foreign country, and a friend from your home country is soon coming to visit you for several days. Write an email to your friend,
›› asking him or her to bring some things from home which you need saying
›› why you need them making arrangements to meet.

Dear Peter,

I’m so glad that you’re coming to Montreal next week, as it seems ages since we last saw each other. I hope your family and girlfriend are all well. I actually have a favour to ask you, and I hope you don’t mind. The fact is that I need a few things from my parents’ house, and I’d be so grateful if you could bring them along in your suitcase.

The first thing is the book of maths calculations which I had at high school – don’t worry, it’s only a small book. I need this because it has all the material I studied for my exams, and I can’t get another copy here in any of the bookshops or on the Internet. The second thing is a packet of those biscuits from the bakery in my old street. I’ve told everyone here how delicious they are, and my new friends are very keen to try them!

I do hope that is manageable for you, as it won’t take up much space at all. In the meantime, I’m very excited about seeing you again at the airport on Monday at midday. I’ll be in the arrivals hall, wearing my blue jacket.

I can’t wait to see you then.

All the best,


(213 words)

You have received a bill from a mobile phone (or cell phone) company for international call charges relating to a time when you did not use your phone for international calls. Write a letter to the company,
›› complaining about this giving your reasons
›› asking for the bill to be changed

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been a satisfied customer for several years, but I am writing regarding the cell phone bill I received on 17th March 2015, which includes a total of $900 for international call charges. In fact, these charges are completely unjustified, for the following reason.

At no time have I used this phone to make international calls, either to my home country or to any other country. I used the phone purely for local calls and for calls to government departments in London, which are national calls. I have checked my call summary, and there is no record of any international connections. As you see, there is no possible reason for me to be charged for international calls, and this is easily confirmed by my phone records.

I therefore request that you withdraw these charges and change my bill accordingly. I also ask you to confirm to me in writing that this has been actioned, by sending a copy of the revised bill to me at this address.

I look forward to receiving your confirmation that all is in order.

Kind Regards,

Mandeep Singh

(188 words)

A friend has told you that he or she feels lonely in their new city away from their family. Write to your friend, and
›› Explain why people can feel this way
›› Give some ideas on how to solve the problem
›› Ask your friend to contact you and tell you if this works

Dear Petra,

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling rather isolated in your new home, especially as you have always been such an outgoing person! I think that people tend to feel lonely because they don’t have enough opportunities to meet new friends. This leads to them staying at home more, so that the situation becomes even worse.

If I were you, I would join some of the clubs and societies which exist at your college, for example the ballroom dancing club – because I know how much you love dancing. This means you will meet people with similar interests and abilities, and you can share the enjoyment of ballroom. I would also try to use the Internet more, to meet people safely online and see if they are local to you in your new city.

You have to be very careful, of course, but if you use Internet sites as they are intended I’m sure you will find some new friends – not necessarily of the romantic type! Please do keep in touch, and let me know how you get on with these suggestions. If you let me know how this goes, I can try to think of other ways to help you in your situation at the moment.

Take care and do stay in touch.

All the best,


(222 words)

A friend who is planning to visit you has asked you to describe the most interesting and enjoyable things to do in the community where you currently live. Write an email to your friend, telling them about these things. In your email,
›› Say what these things are
›› Say why they are interesting/enjoyable
›› Suggest what you can do together

Dear Nikolai,

Thanks for your email last week, and I’m so happy that you are arriving next weekend.

You asked about the interesting things to do around here. Well, firstly, we have the downtown area, which has many old cafés and bars, and some sights such as the statues and the colonial houses. Apart from that, there is the park, which has a theatre, more eating places, and an outdoor music venue. All in all, these places offer a lot of variety, with options for dining, sightseeing and good quality live entertainment, and all within an easy walk of the central area where I live.

Here is an idea. When you get here, let’s have an early night so that you get over the jet lag, and then go to the downtown area in the morning. We can have a traditional breakfast at one of the old cafés, and see some of the sights. Then we can see a show at the theatre, have dinner in the park if it’s sunny, and finally listen to the music in the outdoor arena. I think we might need another early night after such a long day!

Please get in touch before the weekend just to let me know if that sounds ok, and also your flight number.

All the best,


(219 words)

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