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Cambridge Listening Book 3 Test 2

Cambridge Listening Book 3 Test 2 Cambridge’s property

Section 1:

(Questions 1-10)

Questions 1 – 5
Complete the notes below.

Complete the table below.

Programme of Activities for First Day
Time Place Event

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1 …………..

Meet the Principal and Staff
10.15 Talk by 2 ………
10.45 Talk by 3 ……..
4 …….. Classroom 5 5 …….Test


Questions 6-10
Label the rooms on the map below.
Choose your answers from the box below and write them next to questions 6-10.

Map of the rooms

Section 2:

(Questions 11-20)

Questions 11 – 15

Complete the table below.
Write only THREE WORDS for each answer.

FINANCIAL ·        grants

·        11 ………….

12 ……. ·        Childcare

·        nurseries

ACADEMIC ·        13 …….

·        using the library

14 ……. ·        individual interest

·        15 …….

Questions 16-20
Complete the notes below.

Helpline Details

Section 3:

(Questions 21-30)

Questions 21 – 24

Choose the correct letters A-C.

21. At the start of the tutorial, the tutor emphasises the importance of
A. interviews.
B. staff selection.
C. question techniques.

22. An example of a person who doesn’t ‘fit in’ is someone who
A. is over-qualified for the job.
B. lacks experience of the tasks set.
C. disagrees with the rest of the group.

23. An important part of teamwork is having trust in your
A. colleagues’ ability.
B. employer’s directions.
C. company training.

24. The tutor says that finding out personal information is
A. a skill that needs practice.
B. avoided by many interviewers.
C. already a part of job interviews.

Questions 25-29
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Personality Questionnaires

Question 30
Choose the correct letter A- C.

What is the tutor trying to do in the tutorial?
A describe one selection technique
B criticise traditional approaches to interviews
C illustrate how she uses personality questionnaires

Section 4:

(Questions 31-40)

Questions 31 and 32
Complete the notes below.

Hat Making Project

Questions 33 and 34
Label the diagrams.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Listening sample 14 Section 4 image 2

Questions 35-37
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Design Phase

Questions 38-40
Indicate who made the hats below. Write the appropriate letter A-E next to each name.
38. Theresa……………………
39. Muriel……………………
40. Fabrice……………………

Listening Sample 14 hats

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[expand title=”Answers”]

Section 1: (Questions 1-10)
1. (the) Main Hall NOT Hall
2. (the) Director (of) (Studies) // DOS
3. (the) Student(s) Advisor/Adviser
4. eleven/11 o’clock //11.00 (am)
5. placement/English (test)
6. L // Library
7. MH // Main Hall
8. CL // Computer Laboratory
9. SR // Staff Room
10. SCR // Student Common Room

Section 2: (Questions 11-20)
11. (overseas)(student(s’)) (tuition) fees
12. (the) domestic (area)
13. (essay(s’)) deadlines [NOT essay(s)]
14. social (life)
15. outings // trips
17. 3269940
18. ten/10(am)-/to4/four(pm)
19. (an) appointment(s)
20. waiting list

Section 3: (Questions 21-30)
21. B // staff selection
22. C // disagrees with the rest of the group
23. A // colleagues’ ability
24. C // already a part of job interviews
25. selection (procedure)
26-27. (the) (ancient) Chinese & (the) military // army [Either Order]
28. (almost) two thirds // f
29. experts NOT expert
30. A // describe one selection technique

Section 4: (Questions 31-40)
31. secondary
32. 14 // fourteen (year olds/years old)
33. overlap // overlapping ACCEPT over(-)lap // over(-)lapping
34. underside // underneath // bottom [NOT side]
35. on paper // in two dimensions
36. 3/three(-)dimensional // 3(-)D
37. MUST STATE ALL THREE white, grey/gray, brown
38. C
39. D
40. A[/expand]

Note: No copyright infringement intended.
We do not owe the content in any way neither have taken part in the production. This is the property of Cambridge IELTS practice sets and have been published on the request of IELTS preparing students. See the book for the full information and material.

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  1. Polish your topic vocabulary

    Section 3 is almost always about education. For example, students and a tutor talking about an assignment. Learn all the vocabulary you can about studying at university. This way you will understand this section better.

    Don’t loose attention

    Keep in mind, you will only hear the audio once. So if you didn’t hear some words and passed over some questions, don’t worry! Leave them blank and focus on the actual part. Review those questions at the end of the section, otherwise, you will only miss more questions and tangle in the recording. You will need to read, write and listen to all at the same time.

    Transfer answers accurately

    At the end of the listening test, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer answers into the answer sheet. And quite often students get confused in the enumeration! As you write down your answers, check that they fit into the correct numbered space. In other words, make sure that an answer for question 7 goes into space number 7.

    Hello, My tips for IELTS listening
    Don’t leave any blank answers!

    You won’t lose marks for incorrect answers, so even if you don’t know the answer it is better to write something in the answers box. Read the question again and make a guess!

    Get used to of understanding different accents.

    IELTS being an international test, you may come across different accents like Canadian, British, American and Australian. So, it makes sense to get familiarized with them in advance.

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