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Common Grammar Rules

Use of the word ‘the’ We use the: when there is only one of something in a particular area: the government, the police, the bridge, the river, the hospital when there is only one in the entire world: the internet, the environment, the ozone layer, the atmosphere with cardinal numbers: the first, the second, the third with superlatives: the worst, the shortest, … Read more

If Conditional

Conditional structures are used to talk about a condition and a possible result or consequence. The condition is something that must happen first in order for something else to happen as a result or consequence. Conditionals are complex sentences, which consist of an if-clause, followed by a main clause. Either clause can be positive or … Read more

Comparing things

The charts below show the number and the types of books bought by men and women and four different age groups in the UK. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. The charts give information about the types of books that British men and women and women … Read more

Grammar for speaking(Expression)

anxious,annoyed,concerned,depressed,excited,upset,worried-about amazed,annoyed,awful,bad,clever,excited,good,skilled,surprised,inspired,terrible,useless-at amazed,annoyed,astonished,concerned,disturbed,excited,impressed,inspired,shocked,surprised-by bad,concerned,good,responsible-for disappointed,interested-in frightened,scared,terrified-of bored,fed up,obsessed,pleased,satisfied,wrong-with Example:- IELTS Speaking Expressions to express Feelings of Joy & happiness       It’s great! That’s great! It’s wonderful! That’s wonderful! Great! Beautiful! Wonderful! Excellent! Terrific! What a wonderful day! I love it! I’m so happy! Just the thing! That’s exactly the thing that I wanted!   IELTS … Read more


The difference in spoken and written English. SPOKEN WRITTEN action or events are expressed as verbs e.g. swell up. action or events are expressed as nouns or nouns phrases e.g. swelling action or events are expressed personally e.g. and I reacted badly. action or events are expressed impersonally e.g. and the reaction was bad personal … Read more

Passive Voice

Passive form is used to show grammatical range, be it speaking or writing. It is made by adding past participle to the be verb. Note the following change:- TENSE PASSIVE FORM present simple is/am/are + v3 the flowchart shows how banana chips are made. present continuous is/am/are + being + v3 Well! so far I … Read more

Showing position

When speaking or writing we need to choose a language that shows a clear position or indicate our feelings, attitudes, judgements and beliefs. We may choose any of the given way:- 1. Pronouns In formal writing, first person pronoun is not very common. Compare the two given sentences and decide which is more better E.g. … Read more

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