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1 Best IELTS Reading Matching Heading Tips and Strategies

IELTS Reading Matching Heading Tips is an article on the request of over thousands of students via Viber and Facebook Messenger which will try to address your queries on solving matching headings for your reading test. Matching heading in IELTS reading is a very unpopular question type among Nepalese students because it has earned its … Read more

Answers For “Case Study: Tourism New Zealand Website” With Explanation

Answers For “Case Study: Tourism New Zealand Website” With Explanation Answer Keyword Location Explanation 1. UPDATE database, allowed businesses, information, paragraph 2, lines 8 & 9 “In addition, because participating businesses were able to update the details they gave on a regular basis….”. Details = information 2. ENVIRONMENT database, country-wide evaluation, impact on paragraph 2, … Read more

Answers for “Reducing the effects of climate change” with explanation

[wonderplugin_cond deviceinclude=”Mobile”] Please swipe left and right on the table. [/wonderplugin_cond] Answer Keywords Location Explanations 27. D geo-engineering, earlier natural phenomenon paragraph D, lines 3-4 “The idea is modelled on historic volcanic explosions, such as that of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in o 1992, which led to a short-term cooling of global temperatures by … Read more

Answers for ”Rockets from east to west” with explanations

Question 1-4: 1. iv (first 4 lines: “An intellectual breakthrough, brilliant though it may be, does not automatically ensure that the transition is made from theory to practice. Despite the fact that rockets had been used sporadically for several hundred years, they remained a relatively minor artefact of civilisation until the twentieth century. Prodigious efforts”) … Read more

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