Answers for ”Rockets from east to west” with explanations

Question 1-4: 1. iv (first 4 lines: “An intellectual breakthrough, brilliant though it may be, does not automatically ensure that the transition is made from theory to practice. Despite the fact that rockets had been used sporadically for several hundred years, they remained a relatively minor artefact of civilisation until the twentieth century. Prodigious efforts”) … Read more

Answers for “Effects of noise” with explanations.

Question 27-29: 27. D (para 1, line 3-5: “to adjust to sleeping in the mountains or the countryside because it was initially „too quiet‟, an experience that suggests that humans are capable of adapting to a wide range of noise levels”) 28. C (para 1, line 9-11: “noise was quite disruptive at first, but after … Read more

Answers for “Endless Harvest” with explanations.

Question 14-20: 14. FALSE (para 1, last 2 lines: “to the north. The islands‟ native inhabitants called this land mass Aleyska, the „Great Land‟; today, we know it as Alaska.”) 15. NOT GIVEN 16. TRUE (para 3, line 4-5: “of groundfish (cod, sole, perch and pollock) in 2000. The true cultural heart and soul of … Read more

Answers for “When evolution runs backwards” with explanations

Question 27-31: 27. C (para 3, line 3-10: “Louis Dollo was studying fossil records and coming to the opposite conclusion. In 1890 he proposed that evolution was irreversible: that „an organism is unable to return, even partially, to a previous stage already realized in the ranks of its ancestors‟. Early 20th -century biologists came to … Read more

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