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Speaking PART-1 Maps 1. Do you ever use maps? 2. When do people usually need to use a map? 3. Do you prefer electronic or paper maps? 4. Do you ever ask people for directions instead of using a map? Music 5. Why is pop music so popular globally? 6. Which do you prefer: traditional … Read more

Speaking Part 1: 75+ Most Asked Topics

Hometown or birth place ¬†Education Hobby or inclination Traveling Family Friends Music Work   ¬†   ¬† Transportation Can you say something about the transportation in your hometown? What is the common means of transport in your country? Do traffic jams often occur in your hometown or in the city where you live? How to … Read more

Describe something you make by yourself.

Describe something you make by yourself. What this thing is? How do you make it? Why you like it? How do you feel doing it? Well, there are lots of things that I make by myself because I am the kind of guy who puts everything to learn new if it drives my interest. I … Read more

IELTS Speaking about Hometown/ Birthplace

Where do you come from? I am from Bara district, part of terai region. It is about 5 hours ride form our capital city Kathmandu. Can you tell me something about your hometown? Oh! yes, I would love to. Well, my hometown is Bisauliya, which is two kilometer away from the main highway. Although it … Read more

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