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Best IELTS Vocabulary for Architecture and Buildings Construction 1

Be it speaking or writing, questions about Architecture and Buildings have already been asked, and many times. Hence, it is suggested to learn some IELTS vocabulary for Architecture and Buildings. In speaking, candidates have been asked to speak about their home or the dream home they want to be in. Let’s see the following IELTS … Read more

Movie Vocabulary

Action movie: a movie with many exciting and violent scenes A box office hit: a financially successful film Blockbuster: a film that is a big commercial success Blooper: an embarrassing mistake Critics: a person engaged in the analysis and interpretation of art Central character: the main person in a film or book Classic: of the … Read more

Common Idioms used on IELTS

Common Idioms List Set 1 Common Idioms Definitions It cost me an arm and a leg to take my trip to Australia. Very expensive I was over the moon when he asked me to marry him. Extremely pleased or happy You are taking your IELTS test next week?? Aren’t you jumping the gun. You’ve only just started studying. Doing or starting something too early He … Read more

Expressing emotions in IELTS speaking

A Angry, Annoyed, Afraid, Awkward, Affectionate, Anxious, Alarmed, Awed, Aggravated, Amazed, Astonished, Amused, Apprehensive, Absorbed, Ambivalent, Ashamed, Able, Addled, Admired, Admirable, Affable, Agreeable, Aggressive, Abandoned B Brave, Bothered, Bewildered, Bitter, Bashful, Blue, Baffled, Blissful, Buoyant, Bereaved, Bold C Cheerful, Cooperative, Confident, Calm, Cold, Curious, Content, Considerate, Cautious, Cranky, Crestfallen, Contrite, Chagrined, Carefree, Composed, Capable, Caring, … Read more

1oo popular words with “A”

abase cause to feel shame She is not abased or dejected, but exalted, rather. aberration a state or condition markedly different from the norm While Tampa Bay has taken a huge nosedive a year after going 10-6, maybe that 2010 success was an aberration abhor find repugnant There are sane readers who abhor gratuitous violence but love Reacher’s menacing wisecracks. … Read more

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