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Cue Card Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth

Cue Card # Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth

Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth
– Who your friend is?
– What the truth was
– What your friend’s reaction was
– And explain why it was important for you to tell the truth to your friend

Sample Answer

I believe a lie spoken for someone’s benefit is better than truth. So, telling a lie momentarily for someone’s good is not a bad thing in my point of view. To the best of my recollection, today I want to talk about a time when I had to hide a bitter truth from my friend. His name is Mukul, one of my closest friend and I love spending time with him, sharing my happiness and sorrows. Last year, we were appearing for UPSC exam. As he was a very bright student since his childhood, he did all his best to crack this exam, studied 14 hours every day with full concentration and dedication.
Everything was proceeding as planned before the exam. We stayed up late together, working for final revision and solving all the questions that might appear in exams. Then just before the final day of the exam I accidentally picked up his phone while he went outside to get some fresh air.
The call was from his aunty. It was a pickle situation as his father was hospitalized due to heart attack. But somehow, I accumulated
my thoughts and told his aunty about the exams and explained everything. The only thing that came to my mind was that how is
he going to take it, will he be able to write his exams after this or not. Finally, I decided that we should not tell Mukul about this before exam.
When Mukul came back I pretended like nothing has happened and gave our exams to the best of our abilities. Finally, after returning to the hostel I decided to break the news to him. He started crying immediately. We booked his ticket and he left off immediately for his hometown. He did not talk to me for the entire vacation period.
Later, he cracked the exam with a very good rank and then he came to me and said that he was grateful for what I did. We are still good friends as we were before.

Q1. Do you think we should tell truth at all times?
Ans. Honestly speaking, telling truth shows you care for others, but we cannot tell the truth all the time.
Sometimes the truth may hurt the feelings. It does not mean that you should tell lies to others; in fact, you can hide the truth for some time and speak it later for someone’s benefit.

Q2. How do you know when others are telling the truth?
Ans. From my experience, I get to know that someone is telling a lie by their facial expressions. For example, people start sweating or avoiding eye contact when they are lying. However, sweating might also be due to other reasons and therefore it is not easy to determine if people are indeed lying or just physically uncomfortable.

Q3. Do you think it is important to win the game or follow the rules?
Ans. As far as I believe, winning the game without rules is not fair enough. Deserving people will not get the chance to showcase their abilities. So, although
the result is important, following the rules is even more important.

Q4. Sometimes people should tell lies. Do you agree?
Ans. As I mentioned above, lie spoken for someone’s benefit is better than truth. But it does not mean that we should speak lies all the time.


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