Describe something you make by yourself.

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Describe something you make by yourself.
What this thing is?
How do you make it?
Why you like it?
How do you feel doing it?

Well, there are lots of things that I make by myself because I am the kind of guy who puts everything to learn new if it drives my interest. I am a little meticulous therefore the things that I have created by myself can not be counted on the fingers of one hand. But today I will share you about the website I have created, days ago.

I guess I could begin by saying something about what this thing is. It’s actually a website. In fact, it was also the very first thing that I created all the parts from scratch. Another part worth mentioning is the making process of this website. Well, my website had the spirit of a creativity and was made mainly watching the you tube guide although I  am perfect at this moment. Considering the fact that I had never done anything like this before, it’s not astonishing to say that I spent almost 15 days in a row to complete just the fundamental parts. The first step was attaching paper coding and framing. Although this sounds quite simple to experts, it was absolutely not as easy as a piece of cake since I had to learn more than 500 codes, nonsense, I barely used more than 100. After that, it came to the issue of assembling these codes which the browser will understand and make it into a beautiful website when the users see it for which I struggled to watch more than 100 guide videos and bought a book . The thorny part was ensuring the parallax effect which laterally means that when the page is scrolled to top the image remains subtle on the background. Oh god! the phrase I used to chant after each failure.

Actually, I stopped grooming my face and promised that until I finish it I wouldn’t cut it however, I like it now. I requested MC BROC to upload a video tutorial on parallax then he came up with the solution I needed. Then the last about hosting the website. You wouldn’t believe but it was the most easy part. Until now, I still remember the gorgeous feeling when I completed the website which was considered as a treasure back then. I guess this was mainly because it gave me a sense on own achievement and pride whenever I n played with it or talked about it to my friends. In my childhood, the whole world was just as simple and funny as a party to be thrown – like a famous singer said although I never knew the name of the singer.

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