Explained answer of how much higher? How much faster?

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Question 1-6:
1. TRUE (para 1, first 5 lines: “Since the early years of the twentieth century, when the
International Athletic Federation began keeping record, there has been a”)


3. FALSE (para 1, line 12-15: “space. For the so-called power events – that require a
relatively brief, explosive release of energy, like the 100-metre sprint and the long”)

4. FALSE (para 2, first 3 lines: “No one theory can explain improvements in performance,
but the most important factor has been genetics”)


6. TRUE (para 2, line 6-12: “cited adage. Over the past century, the composition of the
human gene pool has not changed appreciably, but with increasing global participation in
athletics – and greater rewards to tempt athletes – it is more likely that individuals
possessing the unique complement of genes for athletic performance can be identified

Question 7-10:
7. „genetics‟ (para 3, line 8-10: “we‟ve been going.‟ Yessis believes that U.s runners,
despite their impressive achievements, are „running on their genetics‟)

8. „power‟ (para 3, last 2 lines: “plyometrics a technique pioneered in the former Soviet
Para 4, first 3 lines: “whereas most exercises are designed to build up strength
or endurance, plyometics focuses on increasing power – the rate at which”)

9. „injuries‟ (para 5, last 3 lines: “activity has its own nutritional needs. Few coaches, for
instance, understand how deficiencies in trace minerals can lead to injuries”)
10. „training‟ (para 6, first 2 lines: “Focused training will also play a role in enabling records
to be broken.”)

Question 11-13:
11. A (para 7, line 6-9: “three dimensions. By applying Newton‟s law to these motions, „we
can say that this athlete‟s run is not fast enough; that this one is not using his arms
strongly enough during take-off‟, say”)

12. D (para 8, last 4 lines: “Traditionally, high jumpers would land in pits filled with sawdust.
But by Fosbury‟s time, sawdust pits has been replaced by soft foam cushions, ideal for

13. B (para 9, line 7-10: “‟Core performance is not a simple or mundane thing of higher,
faster, longer. So many variables enter into the equation, and our understanding in many
cases is fundamental. We‟ve got long”)


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