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Words For You Today: 3-7-2020

Lexical resource(vocabulary) in IELTS test weighs 25% of your speaking and writing score. It comprises of word varieties, collocations, idioms and phrases.

Learning English words and phrases is not a one-night process, it costs you at least a month of patience and consistency. In one of our research we found that students recall only 15% of new and memorized words. But, If you promise to be a regular candidate and use these words in your IELTS, we can assure you a band 8 in lexical resource after a month. Let’s get started:-

Word of the day:-

Derange: to cause to go insane, cause disorder distort, to disrupt somebody’s plan

Beware of the opposition party as they are always in a look for deranging our plan.

Collocation of the day:-

Thorny issue: a matter that is difficult and complicated

Well, I believe this is a thorny issue and a straightforward solution is quite hard to extract.

Idiom of the day:-

Blood, sweat and tears: something that needs a lot of effort

The definition of success varies according to the people’s imprint on achievement; however, one thing for sure is that it cannot be achieved unless blood, sweat and tears ., dedicated.

Phrasal Verb of the day:-

Measure out: |Measure or weigh the amount needed.

He MEASURED OUT the flour for the bread.

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