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  • A-E

    A Anybody alongside B Black Out Backbite Backbreaker Backdrop Backfire boldface Backward Bookend Bookworm Bypass Backbone Backhand backlog backpack backstage C Commonplace Carefree crossbreed D Deadline Daybreak E Elsewhere Eyesight Eyewitness

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  • Advertisement

    Positives of advertising: Companies need to tell customers about their products and services. Advertisements inform us about the choices we have. The advertising industry employs many people. Advertisements are often funny, artistic or thought-provoking. Negatives of advertising: Advertisers aim to convince us that buying things leads to happiness. We are…

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  • Age Idioms

    Age out  at something:  to reach the age limit. He has aged out of the special students scholarship program. Dog’s age: A long period of time. I have not seen Ravi for a dog’s age. Feel your age: to realize that you are getting old I really felt my age…

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  • Agree & Disagree Collocation

    Collocation about Agree & Disagree When you agree with someone completely, you can say “I totally agree” or “I strongly agree.” Another way to describe 100% agreement is to say a person agrees wholeheartedly. On the other hand, you can say “I agree up to a point” if you agree…

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  • Amazing

    Incredible, Fantastic, Fabulous, Astonishing, Extraordinary

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  • Anger

    enrage, infuriate, arouse, nettle, inflame, madden

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  • Animal Testing

    For >Creatures are utilized as a part of imperative logical research >It is important to do therapeutic tests on new medications >Creature testing propels therapeutic and logical learning >Numerous vital medicinal revelations included experimentation on creatures >Specialists plan to limit the anguish that creatures encounter >Testing for the beauty care…

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  • Answer

    Respond, respond, retort, acknowledge

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  • Anybody

    A person of consideration

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  • Appearance Collocation

    Collocations Related to Appearance My best friend Joanna is absolutely gorgeous -extremely beautiful. She has long, sleek, jet-black hair (sleek = smooth and straight, jet-black = perfectly black), pale blue eyes (pale = light color), and a radiant complexion (skin that appears healthy and full of energy). People always compliment…

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