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Age Idioms

  • Age out  at something:  to reach the age limit.

He has aged out of the special students scholarship program.

  • Dog’s age: A long period of time.

I have not seen Ravi for a dog’s age.

  • Feel your age: to realize that you are getting old

I really felt my age at work. All my colleagues looked very young.

  • Golden age: A period of outstanding time.

Decade after the World War was the golden age for Nepal.

  • Of advanced age: Later in life

The conference is about the effect of advanced age on fertility and pregnancy in women.

  • Of age: Old enough to be considered adult.

When I’m of age, I’m going to get married and move to the city.

  • Ripe old age: Very old age

Mr. Smith died last night, but he lived to a ripe old age-99.

  • Under age: to be too young to be eligible for something.

Because she was under age, government denied issuing a certificate to her.

  • Act one’s age: Not childish

Act your age and stop fiddling with your pen.

  • Over the hill: old

Mrs. Smith is over the hills.

  • Come of age: Reach a full stage development

After years of hard labor, Japanese design has come of age.

  • Tender age: Young age

She left home at the tender age of 17.

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