Business & Money

  1. go bankrupt:  to be unable to pay one’s debts
  2. extravagant: a habit of spending more
  3. frugal: simple which costs you less
  4. mortgage: convey (a property) to a creditor as security on a loan
  5. exorbitant: unreasonably high priced
  6. good bargain: a good deal
  7. Run over: to exceed a planned amount of money or time
  8. Pay off (someone*): to reward/ to bribe*
  9. cash flow: the money coming in and going out of a business
  10. Payback: to repay, to return a loan
  11. Rake in: to make a lot of money
  12. niche business: a business that serves a small, particular market
  13. sales figures: a report of the income a company generates through sales of products or services
  14. stiff competition: strong competition
  15. to win a contract: when a business gets legally-binding work with an individual or company
  16. Hammer out: to produce something with much difficulty
  17. Nail down: to finalize something
  18. balance the books: balance the expenditure
  19. cold call: to make a sales call to someone without asking them for permission first
  20. drum up business: to try to get customers
  21. earn a living: to earn money

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