Music Collocation

Collocations about Music

  1. My older brother Alex is very musically gifted (he has a natural talent for music).
  2. He can play tunes from memory, without looking at sheet music (musical notation written on paper).
  3. He spends all his free time strumming a guitar (playing a guitar), composing music (creating music), and writing song lyrics (the words to a song).
  4. Alex and his friends formed a band that has attracted a sizable following (a lot of fans) in our city.
  5. They started out playing gigs (giving small, informal performances) in bars and clubs, and they used the money they earned to record their debut album (record their first CD).
  6. A remixed track (a song that has been modified electronically) from that CD then became a massive hit (a very popular song) on the local radio station thanks to its catchy tune (memorable melody) and upbeat tempo (fast rhythm).
  7. Their second album will be released (it will be made available to the public) at the end of the year; they’ll record it live at their next show. Alex dreams of going on tour – he’s just waiting for his big break (big opportunity to become famous) to get his foot in the door of the music industry.
  8. As for me, I love singing along (singing together) to my brother’s music, but a career in music isn’t for me – I’m completely tone-deaf (unable to correctly identify different musical notes)
  9. I always sing off-key (sing the incorrect melody)! Maybe because I hate cult following = a very dedicated/devoted group of fans.

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