Phrasal Verb J

  • jabber away|Talk fast or incomprehensibly|They started JABBERING AWAY about file systems and lost me completely.|_
  • jack around|Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises|Don’t listen to him- he always JACKS people AROUND.|_
  • jack in|Quit, give up|I JACKED my job IN because my boss refused to give me a raise.|_
  • jack up|Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work|We JACKED the car UP and changed the tyre.|1
  • jam on|Apply or operate something forcefully|Jack JAMMED ON the brakes when the rabbit ran in front of his car.|_
  • jaw away|Talk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say|That shows that your interest is not in helping the student, but in JAWING AWAY.|_
  • jazz up|Make something more interesting or attractive|The show was getting stale so they JAZZED it UP with some new scenes.|1
  • jerk around|Cause someone trouble, treat someone badly|He was JERKING us AROUND and wouldn’t give us the facts.|_
  • jerk off|Waste time doing unimportant things|You should get your work done and stop JERKING OFF.|1
  • jockey into|Persuade or deceive someone into doing something|They JOCKEYED him INTO signing a terrible contract.|_
  • jog along|Make progress or move ahead, but not very fast|Works JOGGING ALONG- nothing special.|_
  • jog on|Go away|JOG ON and leave me alone.|_
  • join in|Take part in an activity|We’re going to play football- do you want to JOIN IN?|_
  • joke around|Be funny, or try to|He’s always JOKING AROUND in class.|_
  • jot down|Make a quick note|I JOTTED DOWN her number on a scrap of paper and I can’t find it now.|1
  • juice up|Make something more exciting or perform better|I need to buy some memory to JUICE my computer UP.|1
  • jump at|Accept eagerly|I’d JUMP AT the chance to go and live in Japan.|_
  • jump in|Enter a conversation|He JUMPED IN and told them exactly what he thought.|_
  • jump off|Start quickly, often well|The IPO JUMPED OFF on the first day.|1
  • jump on|Criticize, attack|Everyone JUMPED ON me when I raised the issue.|1
  • keel over|Turn upside down|The boat KEELED OVER in the storm and the crew drowned.|1

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