Phrasal Verb K

  • keep around|Keep something near you|I KEEP a dictionary AROUND when I’m doing my homework.|_
  • keep at|Continue with something difficult|She found the course hard but she KEPT AT it and completed it successfully.|_
  • keep away|Don’t allow someone near something|Medicines should always be KEPT AWAY from children.|1
  • keep back|Maintain a safe distance|The police told the crowd to KEEP BACK from the fire.|1
  • keep down|Not vomit|The food was so horrible that I struggled to KEEP it DOWN.|1
  • keep from|Control yourself, refrain|I couldn’t KEEP FROM arguing with her.|_
  • keep in|Not allow someone out|The teacher KEPT the students IN after school because they had misbehaved.|1
  • keep in with|Maintain good relations, stay on good terms with someone|I like to KEEP IN WITH the school inspectors.|_
  • keep off|Not talk about|She KEPT OFF the subject of her divorce.|1
  • keep on|Continue|He KEPT ON trying and succeeded in the end.|1
  • keep out|Not allow someone to enter|The police KEPT the demonstrators OUT of the building.|1
  • keep to|Stay within limits|Please KEEP TO the path.|_
  • keep up|Not let someone go to bed|My neighbours KEPT me UP till after 4 am with their loud music last night.|1
  • keep up at|Continue, not quit|Learning a language is difficult, but if you KEEP UP AT it, you’ll succeed in the end.|_
  • keep up with|Move at the same rate|He walks too fast and it’s really hard to KEEP UP WITH him.|_
  • key down|Relax, unwind|I need to KEY DOWN before I go to bed.|_
  • key in|Enter numbers or information into a computer or electronic system|It took me ages to KEY IN all the information into the database.|_
  • key in on|Focus attention on, single out|They KEYED IN ON the person they believed had done it.|_
  • key on|Target, focus on (sport)|We will KEY ON the opposing team’s lack of skills on defense.|_
  • key to|Plan things to fit or suit people or situations|Promotions are KEYED TO people’s abilities.|_
  • key up|Make someone excited or nervous|The noise got us KEYED UP.|_
  • kick about|Discuss|We KICKED the idea ABOUT at the meeting.|1
  • kick around|Discuss|We KICKED the idea AROUND.|1
  • kick around with|Spend time with|I used to KICK AROUND WITH them, but haven’t seen them for a while.|_
  • kick back|Pay someone illegally as part of the price|I had to KICK ten percent BACK to the government official to get the contract.|1
  • kick down|Break something with your feet|The police KICKED the door DOWN.|1
  • kick in|When a drug starts to take effect|Her hayfever didn’t feel half as bad once the antihistamines had KICKED IN.|1
  • kick off|Start a game of football|The match KICKS OFF at three o’clock.|1
  • kick out|Expel|The family KICKED the au pair OUT when they found out that she was planning to move to work for another household.|1
  • kick up|Cause trouble or pain|My back KICKS UP when it gets cold.|1
  • kill off|Reduce or exterminate a population by hunting, pollution, development, etc.|There used to be a lot of wolves around here, but most of them have been KILLED OFF.|1
  • kip down|Sleep away from your home, often without planning to|It’s too late to get the train, so can I KIP DOWN here tonight?|1
  • kip down on|Sleep on something other than a bed|There were so many of us that we had to KIP DOWN ON the floor.|_
  • kiss off|Used to tell someone to go away|He was bugging us, so we told him to KISS OFF.|_
  • kiss up to|Try to get into someone’s favour|He’s a creep and is always KISSING UP TO the director.|_
  • knock about|Beat someone|He KNOCKED his brother ABOUT after they argued.|1
  • knock around|Discuss casually|We KNOCKED the idea AROUND a bit, but decided not to bother.|_
  • knock back|Cost someone a lot of money|Your holiday must have KNOCKED you BACK a bit.|1
  • knock down|Demolish|They KNOCKED DOWN the old church and built a block of flats in its place.|1
  • knock it off!|Stop doing something annoying|The were making too much noise, so I told them to KNOCK IT OFF.|_
  • knock off|Finish work for the day|We KNOCKED OFF early on Friday to avoid the rush hour queues.|1
  • knock out|Hit and make somebody unconscious|The reigning middleweight champion KNOCKED OUT the challenger in the fourth round of the fight.|1
  • knock over|Rob|The gang KNOCKED OVER a betting office yesterday afternoon.|1
  • knock together|Join houses that had been separate|They KNOCKED TOGETHER two outbuilding and turned them into a home.|_
  • knock up|Become or get someone pregnant.|She got KNOCKED UP when she was on holiday.|1
  • knuckle down|Make a great effort|I’ve got my exams next week and I haven’t done much work, so I’d better KNUCKLE DOWN.|1
  • knuckle under|Submit to authority|The teacher made the students KNUCKLE UNDER and hand their projects in on time.|1

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