Phrasal Verb O

  • occur to|Enter one’s mind|Didn’t it OCCUR TO you to help me when you saw how much trouble I was in?|_
  • open up|Start to talk freely about something|She hates to OPEN UP and discuss her feelings.|1
  • operate on|Perform surgery|She was OPERATED ON for eight hours.|1
  • opt for|Choose|I OPTED FOR an endowment mortgage and lost a lot of money.|_
  • opt in|Choose to be part or a member of something|If you want them to notify you of updates, you have to OPT IN.|_
  • opt into|Choose to be a member or part of something|I OPTED INTO the scheme.|_
  • opt out|Choose not to be part of something|The UK OPTED OUT of a lot of EU legislation on working hours and conditions.|1
  • order about|Boss or command someone in an unpleasant way|She’s always BOSSING us ABOUT.|_
  • order around|Boss or command someone in an unpleasant way|He ORDERS his staff AROUND all the time.|_
  • order in|Have food delivered|WE ORDERED IN pizza and watched some films.|_
  • order out|Expel someone|They ORDERED us OUT of the meeting.|_
  • order out for|Have food delivered|We ORDERED OUT FOR pizza.|_
  • order up|Arrange to have something supplied or delivered|They ORDERED UP the brochures to hand out at the metting.|_
  • owe to|Be the reason for something|She OWES her success TO hard work and determination.|_
  • own up|Confess|Nobody OWNED UP to breaking the window.|1

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