Phrasal Verb R

  • race off|Hurry away, leave somewhere quickly|They RACED OFF when the police arrived.|_
  • rack off|Used to tell someone to go away because they’re annoying you|He told her to RACK OFF.|_
  • rack out|Sleep, take a nap|I’m tired- I’m going to RACK OUT.|_
  • rack up|Acquire a lot of something|He’s RACKED UP a number of convictions for speeding.|1
  • rain down on|Fall in large numbers|Bombs RAINED DOWN ON the city all night.|_
  • rain off|Be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive)|The match was RAINED OFF.|_
  • rain out|Be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive)|The game was RAINED OUT.|1
  • rake in|Earn, make money easily|She’s RAKING IN thousands a day.|1
  • rake it in|Make a lot of money|It’s the only shop in the area and they’re RAKING IT IN.|_
  • rake off|Cheat someone by charging them too much|They RAKE tourists OFF all the time.|1
  • rake over|Talk, think, etc, about something negative in the past|They keep RAKING OVER the rows we had last year.|_
  • rake up|Bring something back to people’s attention|The press have RAKED UP some scandals from her past.|1
  • ramble on|Talk at length without getting to the point|Quit RAMBLING ON- I’m tired of listening to you.|1
  • ramp up|Increase amount, price, speed or power of something|The company has RAMPED its prices UP because of higher oil prices.|1
  • rap out|Say something firmly and loudly|She RAPPED OUT the command.|_
  • rat on|Inform authorities about someone’s wrongdoings|She RATTED ON her neighbours to the police because they were smuggling alcohol from France.|_
  • rat out|Inform the authorities about someone|He RATTED me OUT to the police.|_
  • rat through|Look for something hurriedly|I RATTED THROUGH the papers on my desk but couldn’t find the letter.|_
  • ratchet up|Increase|The media are trying to RATCHET UP the pressure on the president.|_
  • rattle off|Quote figures rapidly|She RATTLED OFF loads of statistics which nobody could understand.|1
  • reach out|Stretch your arm to get something|I REACHED OUT and caught the ball.|1
  • reach out for|Try to achieve something difficult|They are REACHING OUT FOR major economic reforms.|_
  • reach out to|Ask for help|I REACHED OUT TO you when I was in trouble and you were a great help.|_
  • read off|Read a list aloud for someone to write down|I READ OFF the figures and she wrote them down in her notebook.|_
  • read out|Read aloud rather than silently|The teacher READ OUT the names of the students who’d passed.|_
  • read up on|Research|I’ve been READING UP ON Japan as I’m going to live there next year.|_
  • reason out|Come to a conclusion or solution after some thought|He REASONED OUT the answer to the math problem.|1
  • reckon on|The minimum expected|Jeff says we can RECKON ON there being at least fifty people there tonight.|_
  • reel in|Catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land|He REELED IN a ten-pound salmon.|_
  • reel off|Quote statistics or facts rapidly|The minister REELED OFF a load of figures to support her position.|1
  • reel out|Unwind|I REELED OUT the hose and watered the lawn.|_
  • rein in|Control someone or something to stop them causing more trouble|They had to REIN the minister IN after her dreadful performance on TV.|1
  • rent out|Let, grant a service or allow usage for a fee|They RENTED their house OUT while the were abroad.|1
  • ride off|Go away on a bike, horse, etc|She got on her motorbike and RODE OFF.|1
  • ride on|Depend on|His reputation is RIDING ON this deal working out.|_
  • ride out|Survive a difficult time|They managed to RIDE OUT the recession.|1
  • ride up|Move higher on the body (of clothes)|Her skirt RODE UP when she sat down.|_
  • ring back|Return a phonecall|I phoned and left a message this morning but she still hasn’t RUNG me BACK.|_
  • ring in|Telephone to inform or confirm something|I RANG IN and told them I would be late.|_
  • ring off|Finish a phone conversation|Dave RANG OFF guiltily when he saw his boss coming.|_
  • ring out|Make a sudden loud sound|Two shots RANG OUT and then we heard a scream.|1
  • ring round|Telephone a number of people, usually to try to get some information|I RANG ROUND to see if anyone knew where she’d gone.|_
  • ring up|Telephone|Helen RANG me UP earlier.|1
  • ring with|When a place is full of a loud sound|The room RANG WITH their laughter.|_
  • rip off|Charge excessively or obtain money unfairly|Tourists get RIPPED OFF a lot when they don’t speak the language.|1
  • rip on|Criticise or insult|The media are RIPPING ON the government.|_
  • rise above|Not be affected by something negative like bad luck, criticism, etc.|She ROSE ABOVE the pain of her illness and was good-humoured.|_
  • rise to|Respond positively or well to a difficult or challenging situation|He ROSE TO the occasion and performed very well.|_
  • rise up|Revolt|The populace ROSE UP when taxes went up.|1
  • rock up|Arrive|They ROCKED UP without telling us they were coming.|_
  • roll back|Retreat|The army ROLLED BACK when they came under attack.|_
  • roll by|Pass (time)|The years ROLLED BY.|_
  • roll in|Arrive somewhere, especially if late|They ROLLED IN very drunk at three o’clock in the morning.|1
  • roll off|Produce or issue, usually from a machine|The papers ROLLED OFF the press.|1
  • roll on|When something continues to happen|The competition ROLLED ON despite the administrative problems.|_
  • roll on!|When something continues to happen|The competition ROLLED ON despite the administrative problems.|_
  • roll out|Launch or introduce a new product, initiative, etc.|The company ROLLED OUT its takeover plans last week.|1
  • roll up|To appear in large numbers for an event|Thousands ROLLED UP to see the stars at the film premiere.|1
  • roll up!|To appear in large numbers for an event|Thousands ROLLED UP to see the stars at the film premiere.|_
  • romp in|Win easily|In the first race, the favourite ROMPED IN.|_
  • romp through|Do something easily or quickly|We ROMPED THROUGH the tasks because they were so simple.|_
  • room in|To keep a mother and baby together after the birth|Nowadays, most hospitals have a policy of ROOMING IN mothers and their babies.|_
  • root about|Look in a place to try to find something|He ROOTED ABOUT in his briefcase, trying to find a pen.|_
  • root around|Look in a place to try to find something|I ROOTED AROUND my flat trying to find the letter.|_
  • root for|Support|Everyone was ROOTING FOR Arsenal to win the Champions League.|1
  • root out|Look for and find|The police ROOTED OUT the informer.|1
  • root up|Dig a plant out of the ground|He ROOTED UP the plants and replanted them.|_
  • rope in|Get somebody to help|The teacher ROPED her students IN to carry her stuff when she had to change classroom.|1
  • rope into|Get someone to help or become involved, usually when they don’t want to|I got ROPED INTO helping them set the stall up.|_
  • rope off|Extend ropes or barriers across or around an area|The celebrity entrance was ROPED OFF from the general public.|1
  • rough out|Make a draft or sketch of something without much detail|I have ROUGHED OUT a few basic ideas.|1
  • rough up|Assault|The mugger ROUGHED him UP when he refused to hand his wallet over.|1
  • round down|Reduce a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero|They ROUNDED DOWN my tax bill.|1
  • round off|Finish something in a satisfactory manner|Winning the FA Cup ROUNDED OFF a wonderful season for Arsenal.|1
  • round on|Criticise or attack fiercely|She ROUNDED ON her critics and said they were idiots.|_
  • round out|Make something more complete|They ROUNDED OUT the team when they played.|1
  • round up|Increase a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero|It was $129.95, so I ROUNDED it UP to $30.|1
  • row back|Retreat from a position|The prime minister refused to ROW BACK and lost the vote.|_
  • rub along|Have a reasonably good relationship|They’re not friends, but we RUB ALONG.|1
  • rub down|Dry or clean something with a cloth|She RUBBED the horse DOWN with a towel after riding it.|1
  • rub in|Apply a substance like cream or ointment and rub it until it is absorbed|He applied the steroid cream and RUBBED it IN.|_
  • rub it in|Emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse|Even though the minister had resigned, the press RUBBED IT IN by publishing more details of the scandal.|_
  • rub off on|Pass a quality or characteristic to people|His enthusiasm RUBS OFF ON everyone around him.|_
  • rub out|Delete ink or pencil with an eraser|He RUBBED OUT the figure and wrote the correct one in.|1
  • rub up against|Touch someone in a sensual or sexual way|The cat RUBBED UP AGAINST my leg purring.|_
  • rub up on|Revise|I need to RUB UP ON my Portuguese before I go to Brazil.|_
  • rule out|Exclude a possibility|The police have RULED OUT suicide and are treating it as a case of murder.|1
  • run across|Meet or find accidentally|I RAN ACROSS an old friend in the library.|1
  • run after|Chase, pursue|The police RAN AFTER the guy who’d stolen it, but he was too fast for them.|_
  • run against|Oppose, make difficulties|Opinion is RUNNING AGAINST his policies and he has very little support.|_
  • run along|Go away, leave (often as an imperative)|They kept disturbing him, so he told them to RUN ALONG and leave him in peace.|1
  • run around|Be very busy doing many things|I’m exhausted- I’ve been RUNNING AROUND all day.|1
  • run away|Escape from people chasing you|He RAN AWAY from his attackers.|1
  • run down|Hit a pedestrian with a vehicle|The minicab RAN him DOWN on the zebra crossing.|1
  • run for|Campaign for a position|She’s thinking about RUNNING FOR the presidency.|1
  • run in|Arrest, take to police station for questioning|They RAN him IN last night.|_
  • run into|Cost|The project has RUN INTO millions of dollars without any prospect of a return on this investment.|1
  • run off|Make photocopies|Could you RUN OFF two hundred copies of this report, please.|1
  • run on|Be powered by|The van RUNS ON diesel.|1
  • run out of|Have none left|We’ve RUN OUT OF sugar; I’m going to the shops for some.|_
  • run over|Explain quickly|Could you RUN OVER that point again; I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand it.|1
  • run through|Practise a dramatic work like a play quickly|The cast RAN THROUGH the play the day before it opened to the public.|1
  • run to|Go to someone for help|Whenever he gets into debt, he RUNS TO his parents for help.|_
  • run up|Move quickly to where someone is|He RAN UP next to me and started shouting.|1
  • run up against|Encounter problems, often unexpected|They RAN UP AGAINST a lot of opposition to the construction.|_
  • run up on|Approach someone without their knowing|Robert was sitting in his car and a guy RAN UP ON him and shot through the car but missed.|_
  • run with|Keep company, normally bad|She RUNS WITH some dodgy characters.|_
  • rush away|Leave a place in a hurry|They RUSHED AWAY when the police arrived.|1
  • rush in|Enter or go indoors in a hurry|We RUSHED IN when it started raining.|_
  • rush into|Do something too quickly|They don’t want to be RUSHED INTO giving an answer and have asked for more time.|_
  • rush off|Depart in a hurry|Zac RUSHED OFF to get to his medical appointment.|1
  • rush out|Release or put something on sale quickly|They RUSHED the single OUT after it started getting airplay.|1
  • rustle up|Make something quickly without much preparation|We RUSTLED UP dinner from what was in the fridge.|_

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