Agree & Disagree Collocation

Collocation about Agree & Disagree When you agree with someone completely, you can say “I totally agree” or “I strongly

Appearance Collocation

Collocations Related to Appearance My best friend Joanna is absolutely gorgeous -extremely beautiful. She has long, sleek, jet-black hair (sleek

Behavior Collocation

Collocations Related to Behavior When I was a teenager, I was painfully shy (extremely shy). I loved reading books, and

Business Collocation

Collocation about Business If you don’t want to work for someone else, you can go into business for yourself. You

Cause & Effect Collocation

Collocation about Cause & Effect You can describe something as cause for concern or cause for alarm – meaning a

City Collocation

Collocation about City When my parents retired last year, they traded the towering skyscrapers (very tall buildings) and noise pollution

Countryside Collocation

Collocation about Countryside If you’re living in an urban area and looking for a little change of scenery, why not

Crime Collocation

Collocation about Crime When a person breaks the law (does something illegal), we say they have committed a crime. Especially

Family Collocation

Family related collocations:- Your parents and siblings (brothers and sisters) are your immediate family. Extended family includes all your relatives

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