Phrasal Verb A

abide by| Accept, follow or obey a decision, agreement or rule| I have to ABIDE BY what my father says.

Phrasal Verb B

back away|Retreat or go backwards|The crowd BACKED AWAY when the man pulled a knife.|1 back down|Retract or withdraw your position

Phrasal Verb C

call after|Name someone after somebody else|She was CALLED Rose AFTER her late grandmother.|_ call around|Visit|I CALLED AROUND but she wasn’t

Phrasal Verb D

damp down|Calm or reduce feelings, emotions|They tried to DAMP DOWN the anger over the announcement.|_ damp off|When there is too

Phrasal Verb E

ease off|Reduce pressure|She EASED OFF the accelerator to let the car slow down.|1 ease up|Relax, calm down|She asked her teacher

Phrasal Verb F

face off|Confront|The company FACED OFF the competition.|1 face up to|Accept an unpleasant truth|Many people find it hard to FACE UP

Phrasal Verb G

gad about|Visit a lot of different places for pleasure|I spent the afternoon GADDING ABOUT in the West End.|_ gad around|Visit

Phrasal Verb H

hack around|Waste time|I’ve been HACKING AROUND all morning because I can’t get down to doing any revision.|_ hack into|Break into

Phrasal Verb I

ice over|Become covered with ice|The pond has ICED OVER.|1 ice up|Become covered with ice in a way that stops something

Phrasal Verb J

jabber away|Talk fast or incomprehensibly|They started JABBERING AWAY about file systems and lost me completely.|_ jack around|Make trouble for someone,

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